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June 13, 2010


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I agree. We are very fortunate to live in an economy where it is easy to invest. The hard part, for many people, is to pick a company from all of the great companies out there to invest in. I recommend investing in broad market ETFs and thereby investing in the entire market. By doing this you are getting funds to those companies that produce the goods and services that enhance the quality of living.

Investing well is critical. @DIY Investor is right, it is a mistake to try to pick individual companies to invest in. Stick to broad market ETFs or traditional indexed mutual funds for your equity investments.

Also, people often overlook the importance of investing in fixed income securities for their short term goals. If you're going to want to spend the money you're saving soon, don't put that money into equities.

As with the first 4 Pillars, I think it's hard to disagree.

Yes, living within your means is necessary. What you save needs to be put to use. Keeping it stashed under a mattress won't grow your funds; on the contrary, you will lose purchasing power. Investing, and earning an after-tax return that exceeds inflation, is the way to grow your nest egg.

Let me cite the seven Pillars of financial success:

1. Part of what you earn is yours to keep;

2. Delay your instant gratification;

3. Show integrity in all your financial affairs,

4. Earn more than you spend;

5. Pay yourself first;

6. Diversify your investments; and

7. Show gratitude to the God of the universe.

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