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June 20, 2010


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Well for one thing, we have no choice but to 'trust in insurance' or else we couldn't get a car or a home loan.

I am more of the belief that God helps those that helps themselves. It is our responsibility to care for ourselves and our family. What is our purpose on earth if not to learn? If we all just sat back everyday and said "I am trusting in God, he will take care of me", what would be our purpose?

I do not like insurance from the aspect of the people who need it most can't get it or don't purchase it or can't afford it or don't want it.

A person will get excluded for health insurance for pre existing conditions.

Insurance will not cover in the various events like terroism, acts of God, etc. Insurance will limit its coverage in order to maximize its profit to its share holders.

If my father in law died from a heart attack they probably would not have refunded there cruise money even though he had trip insurance because he had a heart attack 10 years ago. Pre existing condition.

Insurance is no longer the security blanket it once was 40 years ago.

I don't trust anything insurance wise.

Insurance is a tax on people who can't afford the consequences of an event. Chances are you'll end up paying more in premiums than you'll receive in claims-that's how insurance companies bring in billions. For something disposable, like a car, it's fiscally wise then to drive with the legal minimums and highest deductible possible.

It is very hard to trust insurance companies what with the rapidly rising premiums, denial of legitimate claims, vague and complicated exclusions that will remain unknown until you call to file your claim, dropping clients for being what they consider 'high risk', etc.

Most of us have no choice whatsoever when it comes to having health insurance on our loved ones, liability insurance on our automobiles, and insurance for fire and other natural calamities on our homes. However we live in a 'dog eat dog' world where it's a rare businesses or corporation that operates according to the ten commandments. Thus personally I don't believe it makes much sense at all to discuss the need for or against insurance, in connection with one's belief in a higher power, unless that higher power happens to be Nature, as it is in my case, and the unbelievable powers that it can and regularly does inflict upon many of us.
Diversifying one's investments however makes all the sense in the world.

A true Christian would trust in God instead of having insurance. But then a true Christian would follow everything else the bible says.
People are happy to pick and choose as they see fit. Either follow it to the word of the bible or realize the truth that its fiction, a creation of man.
You have a good Finance blog here. Don't ruin your credibility by bringing fairy tale stories into it.

@ John:
As you have stated: "People are happy to pick and choose as they see fit."

FMF does not ask his readers to follow his faith. He simply does as Jesus did and spreads the Word. You may choose to skip Sunday posts if you like.

"I've heard it said on more than one occasion that insurance is not acceptable for a Christian, that we should be trusting in God and not trusting in insurance."

I think like all good rebuttals, a parable is needed...

Once there was a man whose house had flooded and he was on the roof. Pretty soon a rescue boat came along and the man refused the help, saying, "I trust God will protect me". The waters continued to rise and soon he was hanging onto the chimney when a helicopter came along to save him. Once again, he called out, "I trust God will protect me". Well, the waters continued to rise and he drowned. He immediately arrived in heaven and asked God why he didn't save him. God replied, I sent a boat and a helicopter!

Bottom line: Wisdom is more than trusting in God.

I think Dave Ramsey preaches the right types of insurance and I think there is wisdom in life insurance to protect your wife and kids, especially if she stays at home like mine...

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