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June 24, 2010


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I don't have cable, so no, I didn't watch this show. So, thanks for this. I agree that watching and learning how people build their wealth is much more entertaining and informative than what how they've spent the money.

My husband and I watch these shows from time to time; don't judge, it's like a train wreck. A lot of the shows on MTV and VH1 are based on the premise of spending money on wacky and crazy things. Maybe being reckless with your money is the new shock factor.

Hmmm, never heard of those before, but I eat that kind of stuff up. Thank for bringing it to our attention, I'll see if I can find it on the web or which channel it is on (I don't watch TV as much as I use to...).

The 1st show sounds like Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. The 2nd show sounds interesting. I might check that one out.

"most wealthy people had times of adversity they had to overcome"

Are there people who don't have times of adversity in their lives? I guess there are, but they'd be the rare minority rather than the norm. I guess the observation is that the rich people didn't have 'smooth sailing' their whole life and like the rest of us they also had some set backs.

I would definitely be more interested in watching how people built their businesses and made money as opposed to how they spent it all. But, we don't have cable. Plus I'm too busy building my own business!

I can't watch most television shows nowadays. I feel like my IQ drops.

Try watching the PBS channels.
NOVA, NATURE, American Experience, Globe Trecker, and Charlie Rose interviews won't insult your intelligence, they will broaden your mind and outlook.

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