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July 23, 2010


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Well...I haven't created one for my blog yet. But then again my readership is a tad bit smaller than yours so far.

Yep, no Facebook page for my blog yet either, but I'll do it this weekend. Can't let the "old folks" beat me out on technological advancements, lol. ;-)

I'll be sure to "like" you as soon as I have a page of my own to do it from...

Awesome! I just "liked" your page. I find I have pretty good success with my Facebook page. It's the main way that my friends stay in touch with what I'm writing on the blog. Best of luck!

I tried starting an account, but ran into some issues on getting the full name of the blog listed...I'm not Facebook material, but I'll make myself work on it this week since it seems a little important for blogging...

Budgeting --

I think you establish an account, get 25 "likes", then you can name the page

Anyone know for sure if this is/isn't correct?

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