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July 12, 2010


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Officiating youth sports leagues is a great source of extra cash. I have blogged about it over the last year, but I have made a TONNNNN of cash refereeing hoops. If you ever want to take it a step further, get certified by your state and officiate middle school/high school/catholic school. Its the best second job in the world.

I've thought about learning how to become an umpire for rec baseball leagues in my area as it would probably be a nice source of side income. Anyone have advice for how to go about doing that?

I am not a huge basketball fan and I cannot stand soccer (sorry FMF) so those are out for me. Only baseball.

Interesting. I'm a retired guy and I umpired baseball. In my area no real training class - they provided one meeting where they gave an extensive quiz. They provided all the equipment etc. I made $30/game and it was great fun. I would usually do 1 game during the week and a couple of games on the weekend. When I was a young man I played catcher so I know the game.
I loved doing a game and then pulling up to the gas tank knowing I had just paid for a weeks or more worth of gas.
Basketball referring is another story. It's a fast game and the parents can get a bit overbearing, even with the really young kids. I know because my daughter referred in high school to make a couple of extra bucks.
Soccer always seemed to me to be a situation where I had to put up a lot for uniform and certification before I got any return. The good thing is that it is a respectable sport.

The biggest gain of all is that you are building a great father/son relationship that is good for both of you and that will reap rewards in many ways throughout your relationship. Even though I never played baseball I was an assistant coach on my son's little league teams until he moved up to the Majors. I also used to go out to the park with him many evenings after work and help sharpen up his batting and fielding skills. When he later played Pop Warner football, I took a job on the board, worked at fund raising Bingo games, and often worked on the chain gang during games. I think I got as much pleasure vicariously just being at his games as he did playing, and sports was really good for him in a lot of ways. He soon learned that when the head coach yells "Jump" your answer has to be "How high" or you end doing lots of laps or push-ups.

FMF, you could save your ref-ing income over the next four years to help pay your way to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014! ;)

My husband loves officiating (high school football and basketball)'s nice to know he's not alone. Congrats on finding a hobby that pays money and gets you some exercise!

As a referee, you also might have been keeping close watch at upcoming soccer games of teams you are about to encounter so as to have a quick view of the play.

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