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July 11, 2010


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This list sounds like the Boy Scout Law.

A Scout is:

•and Reverent.

I find that it is easy to pull for people that follow the characteristics noted, and believe that that trying to achieve these things in my own life has helped me achieve success.

Good Article! It is so nice to see an article like this one. Good job!!!

Frankly not being Christian I had never heard/read any of those. THANKS! they are awesome. We have several christians who work with us, all of them I would say live up to most of these.

Points 1&2 will get you no where fast.

If you review the careers of people deemed as "successful" at some people (often early on) they were not lilly-white honest. Maybe more "off white" or "gray". Doesn't make it right. But that's reality. And MasterPo has rarely met a senior level person who wants an honest answer from subordinates (sad as it is to say).

As for humility, once you get to be a billionare then you can practice that. Otherwise, look at people who are still rising stars. Being meek and humble they certainly are not. No one ever rewards a humble person. Like it or not humility is taken as weakness, not a virtue, in business.

Not that these aren't good qualities to hold up as goals. But business/career is a world unto itself.

I love this article. I'm sharing it with my husband as an encouragement. I know he has more success in his job because of his likeability and his willingness to learn. Contrary to what MasterPo says, humility is huge. Humility isn't about bowing down and letting others walk all over you. Humility is the willingness to admit you don't know something and to learn. I've seen my husband do it so many times over the years. He is by far the most likeable person in his department. Yes, I know I'm biased, but you can't help it when people tell you every time you are up there just how great he is to work with.

This article is simply great! Well, even I believe that people who are amiable and liked by others are the ones companies should hire, it is better than having arrogant colleagues.

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