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August 02, 2010


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I think the same lesson can be applied to the job market. If you see an opening for a job that you are not necessarily qualified for on paper, but you know you could be successful, then do your research, tailor your resume and cover letter and apply!

You never know what will happen. Maybe they are looking for someone like you, but have to add the other qualifications due to HR legal issues.

Great lesson! I bet you look back often and are so grateful you put the time and effort into that.

For me it was applying for a scholarship in grad school. I surprisingly got a scholarship from Intel that I totally didn't expect to get, and that money helped tremendously.

Law review write-on. Everyone that has decent enough grades does it, despite being beat to hell from exams. If you want a job, it's a gold star on your resume.

For me the big one came after I retired, when I was spending 7 days/week and long hours for two years, writing a large mutual fund analysis software program and the 300 page manual that went with it. I was glad when it was finally over but the subsequent payoffs have been huge for me. Not only did it bring great financial rewards but it also helped a large number of other people to improve their investment performance, particularly from 1995 when I finished it, through March 2000 when the markets made their all time highs. It was also a labor of love, I enjoyed it immensely though it was a big relief when it was over, particularly for my very supportive wife who helped with the filling of orders.
I venture to say that all successful people have "Gone the extra mile" many times in their life.

The difference between the top 5% and the rest is the details. They work a little harder and a little smarter, but that minor effort puts them into the top. That extra effort produces exponential returns. There's nothing worse than working average and being average.

I'm usually the person who blows off the tasks that may help but seem arduous. Starting my own blog and keeping to the standards and schedule that I laid out for myself in February has been my biggest nod to going that extra mile.

Not only did you and your friend spend the time to accomplish your goal, you two also get to have that awesome feeling of accomplishment...I know I do...

Actually many awards exist through professional organizations that go unclaimed because no one applies for them. Most organizations are VERY interested in receiving applications for awards because they want to give them out! I'm the chair of a local professional organization, we get many MANY calls from the national organization for submissions for awards. Our local group has about 800 members, of them about 50 are actually consistantly active. Within the active pool we pretty much know everyone, and if we know of someone who fits an award we'll even help the person apply for it. (if your local section member wins a national award it makes your local section look good) If someone who was active knew of an award that fit him and approached me about being submitted for it, I would absolutely support our organization helping him apply for the award. As long as he was willing to do the leg work associated with putting the application together, we would be willing to review it and scrub it to give him the best possibility of winning. Get involved in your local professional organizations - it will help you get known in the local community, and you can win some nice awards!

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