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August 23, 2010


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hehe, I've toured a house thru Disney eyes (or rose-colored glasses).

Upon a second tour, I cast a more detailed and critical gaze on such a tour and would often find that the niceties that I though existed weren't as nice as I had originally thought!

Always go through a house at least twice, and perferable on a well-lit day!

In response to Maney Reasons post above: The converse of your advice (visit on a well-lit day) is also true. When bought our house a year ago and did not discover until after we moved in that none of the bedrooms had an overhead light fixture. The light switch in each room connected to a single outlet on the opposite ide of the room. Even with 100 watt bulbs in tabel lamps the rooms are all very dark in the evening. We have been putting in overhead light fixtures one at a time over the last year. Big improvement. Never thought to notice this during the multiple tours to see the house before we bought. But then we never went there in the evening.

"Remember that selling a home is an emotional experience for a homeowner. "

When we bought our house, it came down to two identical offers. When we put our offer in, our realtor suggested including a letter to the current owners. They had been in the house for 50 years and were moving to a care center. I thought it was very strange, but I wrote a letter about how we loved the home and wanted to take good care of it as they had. Apparently, our competitors did the same (they may have been tipped off as our offer came in two days earlier, but then I think they would have come in higher, so I'm not certain). Their letter was all about the park behind the house. The previous owner's son told us the letters were what swayed the decision.

And we truly do love the house as they did.


My house is the same way! None of the rooms except the kitchen and bathroom have overhead lights! Drives me crazy, but I blame my parents: I was only 5 when they bought the place.

I'd love for anybody with knowledge of the construction industry to clue me in to why some houses are built without overhead lighting.

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