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August 12, 2010


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Yes, you are right. I have just come back from a day away with my wife. We went to a touristic destination that features many wineries. We were watching our budget while trying to having fun. We were shocked to see that a bottle of water in the hotel was $7. Can you believe that? In the supermarket we pay cents for exactly the same product..

Keep an eye on Little Caesars pizza. You can get a pie for $5 at most of their stores, but if you go to a sporting event where they sell it, it's gotta be around $20 for an entire pizza.

There's an ice cream stand by our house that sells a blizzard type mix (soft serve with your choice of mixture, we usually go for cookie dough) and even though it's expensive as heck, it's better than anything you could get at the store. During the summer months, we indulge once a month.

There's a price for convenience. Sometimes we're willing to pay it, sometimes not.

Twice a week I have to travel to a different site for work. When I gas up the work pickup, most of the time I can't help my self and I buy one of those packages of the orange crackers with the peanut butter on them. Love them! They cost about $1.50 at the gas station. I was in wal-mart the other day and they had a whole box of those pacages for something like $2!

Like Robert brought up, convenience fees do add up. I'll pay when I've budgeted for it and decide it's "worth it" to me at the time. If I have any warning though, I preplan other options (like buying snack in advance from Sam's Club or Walmart when we will be taking a long car ride or whatever).

This is why I'm a sucker for the prime steak/seafood on the occasions I do dine out, the mark-up for the excellent preparation/experience seems reasonable when compared to something like chicken or pasta.

When I went to Europe I was surprised at how much soda/pop cost. The lowest price I found was 1 Euro but that was rare. Usually it ranged from 2.50 euro to 4 euro. So it was ballpark pricing no matter where you went.

what about alcohol? One gin n tonic is 8 bucks at the bar, i can get an entire bottle of good gin for around
$20 in NH, now thats a difference!
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So true. A drink (of any type) at the ballgame costs at least $3.50 or $4.00. A beer usually costs around $8.00! (which is why I don't get one).

And I know this is going to open a can of worms, but it is called SODA, not POP or soda pop FMF - did you grow up in Minnesota? those are the only people that say it that way that I know mom grew up there.

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