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September 07, 2010


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I always try to combine coupons with store sales. You can save a ton at CVS this way, as well as on groceries. I am at the point where I know sales cycles so well that I almost never pay full price for anything anymore. (I try to buy as many as I can of an item that is on sale and I have multiple coupons for so I don't have to buy it again until the next sale rolls around.)

For grocery coupons you can use the mobile and web service called The coupons can be saved directly to your grocery loyalty card. They come off automatically during check out. That way you don't need to print, clip, or cut out coupons. They work with mainly chain grocery stores like Safeway, Kroger, ShopRite, etc.

I'm not very good at the grocery store couponing, but anytime I buy something online, I google "coupon code for," whether its,, etc, even if you didn't receive the coupon in an email, other people might have shared the coupon code they received. That way I'm not bombarded with coupons that I would use 95% of the time, but when I do use them, I can find one that was shared with minimal effort.

I find coupons to mostly be a pain. Most of the newspaper coupons are for items we don't purchase, or purchase very infrequently. I do almost always look for online coupon codes, though.

For a humorous take on coupons, check out this from "Hyperbole and a Half":


Great idea about setting up a different email account! It is really annoying to get inundated with a plethora of emails once you sign up for all these sites!

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