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September 27, 2010


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That would be great, if true!

"but you can switch to a non-Schwab account after the transition if you want."

If anything, that would actually make the card better.

Thanks for the update. I hope it's true, I have not seen anything in the mail from FIA.

I'm hoping FIA just sort of forgets about all the money we're costing them and keeps us on the balance sheet. Seriously, the cost of the cashback rewards is sometimes more than the merchant pays to the card companies!

I signed in to my account this morning and was able to re-direct my cash back to my checking account (away from my Schwab brokerage, which was only used to collect $ from this card). If the 2% continues, I'm thrilled with the change!

I haven't gotten any letters from FIA yet - (A) what site do you log into , and (B) same username/pw as teh schwab site?

I've always logged-in at Logging in from will be shutdown in the near future.

Logging in from Schwab has been shut down and still no message from FIA about the future of this card.

One final update - my first 2% cash back deposit posted to my personal checking account today. I'm happy. also works and redirects back to where you can log into your card account.

Click on "REWARDS" and you can change where your 2% goes to any checking or savings account.

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