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September 01, 2010


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Lots of stores (regular and online) - my favorite is New York and Company (10 or 15% off when you present your card). Blue Nile gives 10 to 15%, a coworker told me recently. Discount movie passes, passport photos, vacations (I didn't see anything hugely discounted or exceptional value, but they're there)... Lots of stuff besides the usual roadside assistance.

A big one is hotels. Most hotels have a AAA discount.

I know this may be obvious, but the roadside assistance can save you money and is worth it on its own.

A few years ago, as I was trying to extract as much as possible out of a 200,000-plus mile car, I ran into a few situations where I needed assistance. Their service paid for itself several times over right there.

I also learned a lesson: its smart for your safety to avoid pushing an old car too far. It's not always about the money:)

I was looking into AAA for the roadside assistance benefits and saw a bunch of discounts that would benefit us - mainly Spring Hill Suites Marriot and discount movie tickets like mentioned above. We haven't pulled the trigger yet since we already have roadside assistance through our insurance, but I'm getting even more interested now. :-)

10% off Amtrak

I have had big savings at lenscrafters in the past whenever I need to get new glasses like 75-100 dollars off.

We occasionally take the kids to theme parks and they have tix for sale at their offices that beat any discount I am able to get elsewhere.
In addition the books the give out for travel destination areas in the US and Canada are really great. They have out of the way non tourist trap places to see that are free, or very inexpensive.
Membership is well worth the price.

I have been considering getting a AAA membership since my dealer-offered roadside assistance has expired. Has anyone used AAA to shop for car insurance? I see it is one of the services they offer.

We get our insurance (auto and home) through AAA. The best part is they are a broker so they will generally go with the best rates they can find for us. Our car insurance just renewed and we were able to save almost $100 by giving our broker a call and having him double check rates. (Although we also raised our deductible to $1000).

I have had AAA for 34 years. It has worked tremendously for me. However, I've not used their discounts very heavily. I will be considering them now. I worked 90 miles from home, stayed there during the week, and was solely responsible for keeping my car up to dat. AAA saved my job many a time. They would tow me home or to my mechanic from home (I have the 100 mile radius.) Now I have their best deal with a guaranteed one time tow of up to 250 miles.

We first got it to go on vacation in 1976 and I loved their trip tix and info books. I just used them again on a trip from MO to NC. Their trip tix even had stamped on them, the places you would find road repairs.

Disclaimer: I used to work for AAA, but have not worked for them for 4 years. Yet, I still like their services. AAA insurance, in the states that I am aware of, uses your credit rating to give rates. Those with good credit will get pretty good rates through AAA. Other discounts that I've used the last couple of years: Car rentals, Hotels, My car broke down and I got a tow and AAA reimburesed me for meals while I waited for the car to be fixed. Since having childing, I've locked my keys in the car many times, and I've used them to help friends who have locked their keys in the car, perscription discounts if you don't have perscription coverage, free maps and travel guides, travel services (I book my own trips), discounts at auto repair places... and one of my favories is that even if the store does not give a AAA discount, I sometimes receive the discount if I ask for one. These are the ones I've used the last couple of years. You also get a multi policy discount if you have insurance and a membership (sometimes the discount can pay for the membership). The down side... their road side assistance is slow compared to some, the use of credit ratings, and some of their rules are really restrictive... and they are intent on trying to sell life insurance (which is a bit pricy in my opinion).

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