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October 08, 2010


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I love ideas like this as well. It's almost a gimmick, but it's the best kind ever. Since we're in the midst of a housing crisis, somewhat, how about focusing on housing charities such as Habitat for Humanity? I've worked for them for quite awhile and even built a few houses down in the Gulf region. I've been there when the families get their houses and man is it emotional. Knowing that you helped provide a place for their family to live is amazing.

As for how to do it, that's something to work on. I'm not sure how we could track it to see how much was actually donated from your campaign/club. Perhaps a link on your site? A challenge with another site to see who can raise X amount of dollars first? Just brainstorming here.

I love the idea and count me in!

What a fabulous story!

I think you should do it FMF. Pick a charity that means a lot to you and set something up. I bet you could get a lot of people to join you. Or, you could make it a charity that changes based on the needs in the community you are aware of. (Say it is a freezing cold winter, make it go to heat for the impoverished, that kind of thing.)

Now you have got me thinking!

OK a cute gimmick. But I'm not sure what this has to do with personal finance.

@MC: Personal finance => Money => Giving away MONEY

MC --

Giving is a regular topic covered here, as is generosity, and most people give, uh, money...

Hey FMF,
Count me in, I enjoy reading your blog and the comments from your readers. So this would be a way for me to send a small thank you. Pick a charity or non profit and I'll contribute in FMF name.

Thanks for sharing this great story!

I second Habitat for Humanity and look forward to participating.

Thank you so much--wonderful story and reminder for sharing. How blessed I am/we are!

Hunger, education/literacy, or environment charities. (I give to Doctors Without Borders, American Red Cross for disaster relief, and organizations important to friends, eg mentoring for girls, HIV/AIDS, and tutoring/writing workshops.) For the causes I suggested, I try to contribute by volunteering (preparing meals for housebound patients, public park cleanup.)

Great story -- I golf at the same country club as the CEO of Second Harvest -- this explains where he got that new Lexus!

While donating to charities is a great idea, can we donate money to the people who are not related to any charities to get any help from? These people usually are not in the lowest income level, they are still able to afford food, but because of a serious or long-term sick child which make the whole family suffer to serious financial problems.

I am In - let's have some options of orgs or individuals that the community can select from. we can vote and donate accordingly.

Hi All-

I am the woman in this story. No gimmick - the beginning of the 93 Dollar Club was completely unintentional, although there was an amazing amount of serendipity and generosity. Should you be curious to follow our efforts to hit our $200K goal (we have raise over $115K for Second Harvest of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties to date), see our Facebook Page:


Carolee Hazard

FYI, the CEO of Second Harvest is a woman, so not the Lexus driver. : )

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