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October 20, 2010


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Excellent advice. One of the keys to making money at anything is PASSION. If it's something you are passionate about you will know about it and be able to talk about it. People sense and appreciate passion and sometimes will actually pay more for it even.

Don – that is a fantastic observation: “People sense and appreciate passion and sometimes will actually pay more for it even.”

Wow! You really got me thinking with that statement. I wonder why people are willing to pay more for passion. Do you think it’s because of perceived expertise and knowledge (or maybe just social conditioning)? That is fascinating.

I have a daughter that became a stay at home Mom at age 50 after adopting two newborn baby girls (one blonde, one brunette now aged 2 and 3). She does have a steady job with an attorney (with good benefits) that she performs by tele-commuting but a few years ago she also started selling on eBay. I tell you, this woman instantly knows all the brands and bargains when she sees then. She is a powerseller on eBay and gets most of her merchandise for next to nothing at thrift stores. It amazes me that many of the younger generation give away their clothes, accessories, and athletic equipment for nothing when they still have a very high resale value. My daughter is now the breadwinner since her husband was a custom home builder and that business has gone kaput for a while! Fortunately they have a nice custom home, no debt, and she has a $1.52M SEP-IRA and a six figure trust account that I have managed for her since she first started working as a paralegal, and now her husband is wrapping up his father's estate which will also give them a nice inheritance.

I once made quite a bit of money selling something I bought at Costco for $100 that was selling everywhere else for $189. I bought 5 or so per week, and sold on ebay. After taking into consideration all the ebay and shipping fees, I ended up making a few hundred bucks in about a month. Best part was that if I couldn't sell at a profit, I could have just returned them for a full refund.

C - I love that! And it was pretty easy FOR YOU - because you knew what the market value of that $100 item was. Kinda cool that you had no risk either, because you could just return the item haha.

I have been able to make money by watching ads at Staples, Office Max, etc and using coupons to buy electronic gear at great prices. I then turn these over on ebay at their normal price. As Nate says, you have to be patient however.

I recently make a $160 profit off of a Stihl chainsaw. I found an ad on Craigslist for a pressure washer that i was interested in. Met the guy in his garage, and I noticed he had a Stihgl Chainsaw sitting in the corner. I casually asked if he had anything else for sale and he mentioned he would sell the chainsaw for $30, he had no use for it anymore.

I knew what they were worth and didn't haggle on the price. I took the saw home, fired it up, cleaned it up a bit, and sold it the next day on Craigslist for $190. The man I bought it from was happy, the guy I sold it to was happy, and I was pretty darn happy myself.

Not a bad 24 hour turn around.

This is surprisingly common. My wife used to work in a thrift store. One day a week they had "99 cent day" where they just tried to clear out inventory that had been in the store for a while.

There was a group of regular resellers who would show up just before open and pick up a large amount of merchandise. Some of them were eBay or Craigslist pros, while others had bookstores or other retail space. The key was that they all knew enough about their areas to spot the stuff they could get a lot more money for, and they knew when the thrift store would drop the price on that stuff if it hadn't sold yet.

We bought Magic: The Gathering cards in bulk on Ebay and resold them in repacks and made $2-$3 net per pack...after 2 years I got bored though. We broke even overall and still have 75,000 Magic cards in our office, lol.

Great post! I like to sell DVD's and video games on I find many of them for less than $3 at garage sales & flea markets and the ones I don't keep I sell on for a profit.

Great article. Sounds like a good plan to earn some extra income. I might just have to give it a try.

A very good post. I want to start a reselling gig of my own. Just listed a bunch of ideas that seem profitable. Thanks! You got me thinking in some new directions.

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