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October 07, 2010


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Thanks for the update! I'm a huge fan of the Schwab 2% Rewards card.

This is why I read this blog. Due to some recent changes in my life, I have very little time to follow things like this as closely as I used to. I had been wondering what was going on with my card but never had time to do the research.

Thanks for the update!

People with the Schwab card get to keep it and its reward but they are no longer offering the card to new people. For people out there looking for another great card like this one I just ran across the Fidelity American Express with Amex card that offers a flat 2% cash back on all purchases. You only have to have like $3,000 in a fidelity investment account.

Has anyone else noticed that the points now round up or down on the dollar? Was this the set up under the Schwab card?

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