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November 06, 2010


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I have heard people making good money Flip Websites. I will have to check out to get more information.

Thanks for the tips

Domain name 'flipping' is nearly worthless.

Some people own hundreds of names hope someone somewhere will pay big bucks for one. Very very rarely.

There's also a lot of animosity against name sellers. A lot of people don't like those who buy up names hoping others will pay big for them later. To MasterPo it's like buying undeveloped land hoping someone will want it later. Very risky but perfectly ethical. No law says you have to develop land. But that's the feelings of quite a few people.

I would contend that "Design, Develop & Maintain Websites" is not for the tech-savvy, but the design savvy. Unless you are talking about some crazy, customized web application, designing a good website is mainly about layout, color scheme, logos, etc. Somebody who is a hot shot coder may not have the design aesthetic necessary to create an attractive site.

I hate domain squatters with a passion....had to get that out there. :)

Here are a couple of articles on how to profit from domain names:

"Designing" a website is easy. Making it work is another. You need to know a lot more these days than just HTML.


People always want details customizations.

This is good advice. I started picking up extra work in the publishing industry about a decade ago. It was in an under-served niche of the industry -- it wasn't especially demanding work but did have a bit of a learning curve. In the years that followed I was able to become an expert in that niche and grow what was once a simple moonlighting gig into a part-time six figure business. If I hadn't explored the work possibilities in the industry I don't think I would have ever realized that the need existed.

Thank you for posting this article to my weekly financial independence compilation.

Hope to see another one soon.

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