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November 21, 2010


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I grew up on the poor side, so I thought everyone that even had a house that was 1500 square feet was rich when I was a kid. When I graduated college, I thought that you were rich if you had a second story on your house. Around 30, I thought people building these huge houses were mega-rich and I wondered how they did it. Now that I am in my early 40s, I shake my head when I see the giant houses and I figure that many are house-poor.

I am about the least showy-person I know. Appearance means nothing to me. (Outside of just making sure you get dressed and ready each day, I don't need fancy clothes.)

When I see someone who is flashy, I almost feel sorry for them.


MasterPo prides himself on not looking the part. It's humorous to see how people treat you differently when they *think* you have little (not that MasterPo has a lot either).

I much prefer wealth over any 'appearances'. If I was wealthy, I'd dress and act the same way I do now, being poor. You'd never know I had money.... :D

This one is GOOD too... The ransom of a man’s life is his wealth, but a poor man hears no threat. 13:8

I have most always been satisfied with what I had in life, even when in debt. Now, with no debt, I am satisfied. My problem is to not look like I am too well off because I live in a small community and I do not want others to feel bad if they don't have as much as I do.

Also, as I am much older, I do not care to buy lots of stuff anymore. I am fixing up my home some, a little at a time. I live in a 44 y/o double wide trailer and I want it to last as long as I do. I am not doing it too fast, even I couldn't afford that. But anyone who visits can see I am only doing it as I am able.

Actually, I don't know the median income in my county, but in 1986 it was $13,500 for a family. I don't think it has gotten better in the long run. It may look like more because of inflation. My income is $24k after taxes and insurance. So, I am rich by my friends level of income.

Oops!!!! Maybe I have some friends who are also the millionaire next door. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Around here, a large amount of people feel like they must have a set of rims for their cars. Its not uncommon to see 84 Cutlas's with a set of 24 inch spinning rims that are worth more than the car. Whats worse is it being parked in front of section 8 housing. So the idea is to show off money by having rims, yet the car is worthless, and their housing is subsidized. The people that have nothing, recieve government money, then turn around and spend it as if to brag about having money. This is truly a problem in our society.

I live in a simple little 997 sf condo and drive a honda civic. I have no debt and my savings keeps growing. I avoid my friends' advice to by a nicer car and move into a bigger home. I stay away from my bank's advice to upgrade into bigger things so they can make money out of me. End of story.

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