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November 04, 2010


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Cats should not be allowed to roam free and decimate wildlife populations -- they should be kept in yards like dogs, or inside-only.

We had termites swarm in our (rented) house this past April. Talk about a pain. Termites can't hurt you physically, but they completely took over our Saturday trying to keep them to one part of the house and killed and cleaned up. I would recommend a termite inspection for any would be home buyers. (I don't know if termites are region limited.)

Flies are another huge pain. I hate when I can't even step outside to get the mail without letting a fly into the house. Or when I can't comfortably sit outside in the afternoons without being constantly buzzed. (We don't have standing water or recent rain for that matter so i don't know what gives.)

(Oh and FMF, I'm sure you don't want "pets" to get in, but I know you meant pests. - in your first thought.)

I use heavy duty pesticide 3-4 times a year and pretty much douse the outside of our home. Here in Houston, I've found this to keep the spiders, ants, and roaches the way I like them - not in my dang house. :-)

I also agree with the cat's not cool to find someone else's animal (cat, dog, orangutan, whatever) pooping in my yard. Pets are awesome but keep them to yourself - I do. If my dogs ever use someone else's yard during a walk, I have to pick it up. I wish all pet owners would feel the same sense of "have to".

When plugging up holes, be sure NOT to plug up any weep holes in a masonry wall.

we live within an association that provides for a full time "pest controller". he stops by every quarter and ensures the boundaries are treated/medicated appropriately. we do pay for it, and it is worth the convenience to me. the tips above are helpful however, and we do them as part of our routine regardless, w/o thinking about the effects on pests.

Just bought a townhouse New Jersey a few months ago. For the first couple of months we would see a house centipede in the basement probably every other day. These things are scary. They are between 1 and 2 inches long, have about 20 legs, and like to hang out on the walls and ceiling. When they see you coming to get it, they take off running to hide under the baseboards. They are extremely fast!

After doing some research I bought a dehumidifier for the basement and sprayed orchid home defense around the inside and outside. I've only seen 2 in the past month. I hope this is because the measures I have taken are working, but it could also be because of the colder weather. If I start seeing a lot of them again, I will be calling the exterminator.

There is a huge bedbug infestation problem in New York. They got rid of them in the 50s with DDT but don't use that anymore.

I'm afraid I disagree with your cat proposition. In order to keep animals from dirtying your lawn, you would have to keep all animals housebound - rabbits, squirrels, possums, raccoons, pigeons, snakes, and so on. I don't think you would want to go that far.

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