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November 03, 2010


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Put a freeze on their credit reports.

The birth certificate issue is one I am facing with work. Thanks to RommeyCare (ObamaCare 1.0) and MA's nation leading insurance rates, my employer is demanding copies of my marriage certificate and my children's birth certificates. The copies will then be forwarded to a third party that will verify the info. I can try to protect my kids from ID theft, but that leaves without insurance.

Might want to look into a service like Lifelock. For under $100/year, they monitor and send alerts for credit activities done in your name. . I represent and use Lifelock and truly believe in teir services.

oh man, another thing to worry about!

This wouldn't have happened in the days before the IRS mad you get social security numbers for your kids if you wanted to claim them as a dependent. Of course, kids don't need SS#'s--they aren't working. That IRS policy means there are lots of valid SS# out there that have never been used---just what a scammer likes to harvest.

There should be a way for the government to lock your infant's social security number until the kid is 18 or unless a parent dies or something that would activate social security payments. But of course, that would make too much sense...

I am puzzled why the banks, credit card agencies etc can't figure out the age of the person with the social security number--you'd think that would prevent most identity theft of kids numbers. How many children of age 5 need credit cards?

These are good tips! Usually we try and keep an eye over their internet sessions without trying to be too intrusive. Their papers are all securely kept under lock and key and they do have strict instructions not to fill out any forms in the malls or elsewhere without asking us first. Never hurts to be extra cautious these days.

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