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November 15, 2010


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I work for a big company that has an annual review process which is used to determine raises. There are no raises outside the review process.

Do most people work in jobs where raises are given ad hoc or asked for rather than given on some sort of schedule or system?

I think both circumstances exist, Jim. A lot of companies do have annual reviews in place just for this purpose. No raises outside the review process is more true for the more established organizations.

If you're working for a start-up that's growing very fast, but doesn't have any procedures in place you can ask any time.

Great post, by the way.

In an ideal environment, raises would come with added responsibilities or noteworthy performances. Scheduled raises seem to remove any real incentive to outperform, while not having a system in place makes employees really uncertain about their financial situations.

I use to work for this company that every month was telling us that the raises are coming the next one, and finally I decided it is time for something new, at the company I work right now, we have a salary raise proportional to our activity every six months.It is not worth spending too much time i a company that does not offer you what you need

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