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November 27, 2010


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Good list and here are some of my comments and suggestions

Use coupons only if you actually use the product or want to try the product.

Beware: Lists lead to ruts

My wife is a list maker. If it is not on the list she does not buy it. However, I make dinner and when we get into ruts of the same old stuff becasue it is not on the list, then I need to go to the grocery in order to expand our pallet of food. She does not cook where I do so how can she know what we can try? We try things that we normally would not have and then we start to plan the variety within our food plan when things are on sale.

Beware: Bulk stores for trying new foods is can be bad ( costco)

My wife has learned the just becasue she likes it may not mean me and the kids will like it. Taste test at the local buld buying place may showcase new products but you may end up being the only one liking it and you will have ALOT of it. Peroigies were bought at costco and my wife was the only one who liked them and it was a big bag.

Beware: Store brands are semi great but when outcome matters cost should not be the determining factor.

I have a chicken and dumpling receipt that uses prepackaged biscuits. Trying to save money I tried the value package and it was a disaster. The dumplings were like erasers and unable to be eaten.Time and food wasted. Same receipt different biscuit totally different outcome.

Many supermarkets distribute their weekly flyers through newspaper inserts on specific days of the week; in my area. (In my area, two are Wednesday and one is Sunday.)

Of course you don't have to get or buy a newspaper, the advertised specials are all on the store's website plus you can usually get hard copy in the store.

I have found store brands generally to be of high quality and great value. There are only two name brands which I am unwilling to switch.

I rarely use the store brand as I have had some bad experiences, especially when it came to dryer sheets.

Also, bigger is not always better. Sometimes the smaller size is actually cheaper, so always look at the per ounce cost of a product. Combine a small item with a coupon and sometimes the product is almost free!

Very well timed, as my husband and I just sat down with our grocery budget today (which we are appalled by!) and decided to work on that in the next few months.

With generics, I've found some winners that I'd choose over brand names even if not for price, some I can't tell the difference, and some complete losers. As kids, my parents always made us do a blind taste test of if we could really taste a difference. If not, generic it was. (Only once could I tell-- my favorite applesauce). My husband and I have sometimes done the same to be sure we're not just brand snobs. Turns out, we sometimes like generic better.

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