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November 29, 2010


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At first I was a little dismayed by this advice, since it seems to be oriented towards appearances rather than the actual content of your work. However, that's the way the business world works unfortunately.

I agree with what FMF says in that presentations can be a double-edged sword. One thing that toook my presentation skills to the next level was taking a Dale Carnegie course. My company used to pay for people to attend (not anymore due to the economy) and I was one of those selected. For me, this was one of the best courses out there for improving your interpersonal skills as well as your presentation skills. One big lesson I learned is that you should do your presentation from memory, rather than reading it from cue cards. This forces you to really know your subject inside and out, and also your presentation comes across in a much more natural way.

I *mostly* agree with this advice, save for the "looking busy" tip. Unfortunately, I think that is what is wrong with corporate america - and why so much needless busy work is created. Hopefully you can look "busy" because you are busy doing your work. If your'e spending a lot of time trying to look busy though, maybe you should consider looking for a promotion that might challenge you more, so you are busy, and get paid more. I do like the other tips though - esp the weekly updates with your boss.

These are good advises and for sure you will get a raise and have a good career if you follow these tips.
The only problem: if everybody follow these tips no job will be done...
Don't you think there is something wrong in our system ?

Looking busy is important, but is only part of the charade.

Ideally, you complete enough projects to genuinely move the work effort forward, but do so in 70% of your time. You spend the other 30% or so of your time seeming busy enough to start alternative businesses or enhance your career while pretending to work for your actual employer.

Sound cynical? Yes, a little. But last year I got a 97/100 on my personal evaluation, and got a 2.3% raise. Average raise at the company? 2%. This means busting my behind is worth about $4/week.

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