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November 26, 2010


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Bravo to you and your family. It seems silly all the items that will be gifted and unappreciated in the country this holiday season. We like to keep it simple and to help those in need throughout the year.

I did go to the Friday sale this morning but for shopping gifts to children. It is a program from my company. Children give three items they want for Christmas and we can select one or buy all three items to them. This is the first time I did for this program. I have spent some times to think about what I should buy to give them the most help and if they would like what I choose. This is a great experience already!!

Our church has a way to return love to our community at Thanksgiving. The members of the church bring in lots of food and we serve a free Thanksgiving dinner to all who want to come. We also deliver to any who called who can't make it out. We deliver meals to them. It is a pleasant way to serve and yet have lots of people to visit with and not feel alone on a holiday if your family isn't near.

I give in many other ways, but this feels so personal and hands on and I love that aspect of it.

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