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December 30, 2010


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Agree with the points set out above. Your bit on the side should be just that - a secondary income to your main job. It should be your passion, not a chore. Also, if you really enjoy your main job, then you will probably want to give it your all in any case. If you don't enjoy it that much, then find something you do enjoy.
I work as a senior member of a public practice accounting firm and the hours can be extremely variable. I blog around that time by writing at lunch time (by actually writing in a real notebook, with a real pen) and at night for an hour or so after the kids are asleep. This means that sometimes I miss a few days on my blog - but so be it. My blog is my hobby, not my life.

This is really solid advice.

Great thoughts UHNW - I am a CPA and was also in public at one point. Good to hear from you, and I agree with your thoughts.

Definitely agree with everything you said, especially about being passionate about your side gig. There are enough ways to make extra money that you shouldn't be miserable while doing them.

I constantly struggle with "turning off" of concentrating on my side gig when I am at work. Anyone have any tips they use to keep focused?

@ Jacob - this is something I have written about and will write about more on my blog. This can be a big temptation / distraction and can harm your career if not immediately controlled. that said, various things work for various people because our minds work in different ways. example: for me it was picking the right career which automatically compelled me to stay focused. i left all my work on my home laptop therefore had no access to my personal project files at work.

@ Penny - totally. since it's a side gig, it better be an area of one's personal passion and interest. for many that don't enjoy their careers (but stay there for various reasons), it is their side gigs that get them through the day and give them something wonderful to look forward to.

Good stuff! I recently started a couple of side gigs, and might be adding on some more...and it's definitely hard to find a balance. Giving all to my work, like you said, is my top priority. Besides, they're not paying me to work on my side gig - and I want to be an honest person. The rest is a matter of balancing the side gig with daily errands, sleep, and (gotta have some) fun.

You got it APF - those rules faired very well for me

If you love what you are doing even if they are considered additional tasks then you won't feel that it's a burden or it would be a heavy load. You are correct, if your passion is in it, then you can do it with no sweat at all.

RIGHT ON Maria - it's all about that passion

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