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December 20, 2010


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Assuming debts have been dealt with, automating and paying yourself first have to be a couple of the most powerful tools on the average person's side. Socking money away at regular automatic intervals just seems to add up so quickly.

I thoroughly agree with Principles 2 through 9 and have followed them my whole life and they have worked well for me..

As for Principle #1, we have helped each of our three children and two grandchildren (i.e. ourselves) at various times but our outside giving is very sparse and limited to only a few non profit organizations that, in our estimation, provide a valuable service that we either use or believe in. Here's a little controversy for you.

There is a well known quotation that goes "God helps those that help themselves" but it is nowhere to be found in the Bible, it appeared in Poor Richard's Almanac in 1757 and is sometimes attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

Old Limey --

Are you poking me with a stick? ;-)

You are correct in noting that that saying is not found in the Bible (though many think it is.) The Bible's philosophy is more closely related to "God helps those who help others", though that direct quote is not used. However, many verses, including Proverbs 19:17, advocate this sentiment.

I agree with all these principles, and find it tough to argue with these.

As for principle #1....yes, I agree with that one too. Old Limey, I'm nobody to argue with what's worked for you, so I won't:) For me, I think #1 is a great part of the plan, though I do admit that I'll definitely focus on my family first in time of need. There are priorities. That said, giving is good....kind of the counterbalance to the line from the original Wall Street movie that proclaimed "Greed is Good".

For the rest of the principles, the idea of procrastination is a tough one for many, but so important. Ties well with #6.

My husband always said that if you are able to donate or give to others, you are not poor. By that sentiment, we never were. Most years we gave the full 10% and now I'm trying for 20%. God loves a cheerful giver and I'm a positive thinker in that regard.

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