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December 29, 2010


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I love the article. It makes so much sense, but it probably won't be widely appreciated because of the glamour of credentials.

Get your employer to pay for an advanced degree. If they pay for it then theres nothing to lose. If they won't pay for it then they've decided that it ain't worth it and that says something too.

"you're not "unemployed" if you're paying tuition, which makes credentialing a comfortable option. Compared to these values, the learning aspect of credentialing is a distant concern - even though the learning is far more important."

This spoke the most to me. I'm 28 years old and many of my friends are getting graduate degrees that will not pay off. These are also the kind of people, I'm sorry to say, will not survive in the cut throat business world. They prefer to live in academia where results are not as important. They compare themselves to some of our other friends who are receiving graduate degrees that *will* pay off such as engineering, law degrees, medical degree, etc. I keep telling them they need an end game plan, they tell me the pursuit of knowledge to better themselves is their end game. It boggles my mind.

WOW! Thank you for sharing this powerful insight my friend. I love it. That was the best post I have read all day.

I can say without a doubt that NOT getting my MBA has been the most financially rewarding move I have made in my career thus far. I have been given the opportunity to participate in multimillion dollar decisions on behalf of my company and clients because of a healthy mix of hard work, strong interpersonal skill and refined competence. I truly believe our economy is returning to a RESULTS based model. Companies (and other such clients) are less concerned with paying you for your time – but rather for your results. Learning how to provide those results within the context of your business/industry can absolutely be done WITHOUT an MBA. Also my generation can literally research, study, learn and practice concepts at any given moment using resources found on the internet. I was just watching a Harvard class lecture on the internet last night.

Thanks again for this great post – well done!

get started in Biz with a Bach degree, make your mark working hard for a few years THEN have the business, or "government" entity (I used the USAF tuition assistance 75% plan) for my MBA. You'll still be working and getting a paycheck, work experience and the degree. In most cases this can be done easily in 3~ years or less!Then I used it and RETIRED @ 47! DoH!!!!

Based on the title, I really REALLY wanted to hate this article. However, everything the author says makes perfect sense. Thank you for posting this.

@MBTN - that's the best compliment I've ever received about a blog post. Thanks!

Interesting. I know two graduates of an expensive private business school who landed on the ground as the recession was eliding into a depression. One was wealthy and paid the $100,000 tuition out of pocket. The other has $1500/month student loan payments. Both are still unemployed.

BTW, law school is not a solution to this. Law schools have turned out so many graduates that there are simply no jobs to accommodate them. Google law school scam blogs for a very scary story.


What you're describing is exactly why I decided not to get an MBA, despite my exceptional passion for business.

A few years later, I think I made the right decision, but your mileage may vary (if you're really sure you want to work for Goldman, go get that MBA).

Of course, the challenge is to get the meaningful experience that business school would have given you, to get that on your own, instead of watching tv or so.

Looking forward to seeing your book.

What I'm trying to say in my last point, is that attending business school is stimulating because of the people around you, and can take you to new heights. You can do this on your own, but you'll be... on your own.

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