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December 27, 2010


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I did this a few times...but there is definitely also a downside to going somewhere much into the "off" season.

A lot of the restaurants and entertainment areas will be closed or will not be offering much by way of entertainment. Many of the hotels will also not have much staff and you may not get the service you expect.

Even if you are going somewhere mainly for the museums and cultural artifacts like ruins, they may be closed during the off-season for remodeling, construction, or to set up new displays. So if you are going during the off-season its best to check out what will be open beforehand.

We haven't been able to travel much in the off season until now (limited flexibility with work and school) but we are planning our next trip to Europe in April/May, so hopefully we'll see some discounts.

FYI, I have been to Hawaii several times in December, and the weather is still glorious, especially if you're coming from someplace snowy! Take the money you save on travel and splurge on a helicopter tour of a volcano - it's worth every penny!

This is so spot on. My husband and I are tentatively planning a trip to Berlin and Prague for the first 10 days of April. Sure, the weather can be a little unpredictable at that time of year (although I used to live in Prague and know what to expect), but the prices for almost everything (airfare, accommodation and food, in particular) more than make up for it. Not to mention the fact that neither of these places will be as crowded then as they would be in the deepest depths of summer.

The airfare especially is a huge money saver, as waiting to go even TWO WEEKS later causes ticket prices to almost double. Yikes!

You mentioned that you homeschooled your kids before as well. What type of curriculum do you follow? Can you give more information on how you started and everything? If you detailed it in another post, please let me know

TR --

I suggest you check out some homeschooling blogs. They can give you the information you need.

I've been able to take vacations to Europe in April and October and paid less than $650 per plane ticket flying out of the Northeast! I'm sure the hotel prices I paid were better in the shoulder season as well.

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