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December 09, 2010


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My husband and I both got MBAs from Michigan State. I don't think their B-school is considered 'top tier', but we both did fine with our degrees from State. However, maybe if our careers were just starting now as opposed to 20 years ago it would be different? I don't know.

I got an MBA from a private, local unversity that is well respected in the area, but not so known in other places (Drury University). I don't think it will keep me from working in some lofty Fortune 500 company right away (many classmates are doing that right now), but I'd find more enjoyment working for myself.

If/when I can support myself with my own businesses, it won't really matter where my MBA came from (though I really like the school). I think experiences generally trump education - but education can certainly be a deciding factor when evaluating potential employees.

Thank you for this post! It's timely for me, as I'm currently researching and applying to MBA programs.

I apologize for my previous, off-topic comment. I don't know what came over me. Feel free to remove it, FMF.

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