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December 13, 2010


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I would agree with all these.

I've conducted several interviews myself in the past. I can say with experience that #10 & #9 are not always true. I *think* I had a 1-2 hour class once on how to conduct an interview, but I forgot that years ago. That was the extent of any training I got.

#4, who actually thinks appearance doesn't matter? I've never heard that.

I completely agree with the #9 and #10. In my work experience, when I talked to my coworkers that were about to conduct an interview, many of them didn't even fully understand why they were selected to do the interviewing! haha

#4 can actually be true in some circumstances. My boyfriend showed up to an interview in shorts and an old t-shirt, but did so well technically on the interview that he received an offer by e-mail an hour after the interview ended.

The only training I ever got was interviewing was a short training video about what questions we were not allowed to ask by law.

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