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December 16, 2010


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What stopped me at first from writing was my own self-confidence. I think I will always remember my trepidation when I hit 'publish' that very first time. Now I don't think twice about it, but I think fear is a huge part of why people don't strike out on their own.

great point ET. the beauty of doing business over the internet is that it allows anonymity. it is also a relatively forgiving platform where one can keep making mistakes and still end up alright.

Michael - we are lucky to be living in the digital age where what you suggest is possible. The tools are out there - we just need to leverage them as best we could

These are some really good best practices for freelancers looking for work. You hit the nail on the head about facebook and twitter being great ways to get your name out there and find work. Also, freelancers should certainly have a website that they can incorporate a blog and their social profiles. Personal branding is key if you want steady work.

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