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December 12, 2010


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We use Fortora Fresh Finance to track our money. The program gives you an opportunity to set up a budget. I find it satisfying when I budget, say $20, and I only spend $18. We do not always hit our numbers in our monthly budget but it is a reference point. I check our accounts on line every month as well to see how they are fairing. I log into our checking account daily. The point is, I don't want to see any unexplainable loss, things should be growing, and is there anything I can do to get these accounts in better shape. I think this is all giving careful attention to my wealth.

I have been using Mint to help track and budget my money. It is early on in the process, but I do like how I can "see" where my money is going and where I need to improve .

I have a 'budget', but it is more of a guideline than anything.

I think part of drifting away from having a 'tight rein on money' as we have gotten older isn't just because we have more money. Our spending habits are so ingrained. We don't spend on things we don't really need, so further control really isn't necessary.

I used to keep a monthly budget and would track everything I spent. My salary has gone up since then and even after our spending and saving 30% of my salary automatically, we tend to still have money left over.

I think part of the implication of giving "attention" to your herds is that you're tending them. It's not merely a matter of watching them, but of responding to their condition and maintaining them.

What does that mean for your money/investments? You have a budget and a net-worth tracker of some sort, so you know where the money is -- and you control it. You manage your career and side income, you control spending, and you invest wisely and keep on top of those investments (rebalancing, value investing, etc.)

I use a checkbook register that acts like a spreadsheet. I get it online -- -- I use it a little bit differently than their instructions, however it is perfect for me. I always know our money situation....even if there is no computer available.

I've tracked my finances with Quicken for the past 12 years. It's such a good program.

While I haven't had a strict budget in years, I do still maintain a "guideline" budget. It provides a nice high-level overview of where the money is going, what the spending trends have been, etc. Plus it is a lot more fun than a strict budget!

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