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January 11, 2011


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I can see how people are frustrated and would be willing to move. They probably lost alot of income and gave back alot to the company and the company has not returned the favor.

Personally I will probably not look right now. I know too many people who are 99ers still looking ANY where for a job and still unable to find a position. Until the construction starts to rebound and people start building new buildings things are going to be bad.

I do not see building & construction improving for years.

It depends on the definition of 'looking for a job'. I may look around now and then, but not really give it a serious search. I really haven't done a 'serious search' since I started my job in 2006, but I still look around every now and then just to see what's out there.

Personally, I love my job but they haven't given raises in over two years, have eliminated the 401(k) match, and have tripled our health care premiums, so unless this changes this year, I won't have much of a choice to start possibly looking. Hopefully I won't have to!

My plan is to quit my job and become self employed. I'm taking all of the necessary steps to secure my income the best I can. By 2012 ,the end of the world I heard :),I plan on being fully self employed. Great, So now I can say I'll be self employed when Hell freezes over.

Not planning to look this this, and I wasn't planning to be looking last year either. But I was forced to.

I was looking actively to make a move in late 2009 and did so. I mid 2010, the new company that I went to work for announced that it was selling itself to a competitor that I had absolutely no desire to work for. So, back to the drawing board I went. I was actually contacted by a few competitors once they heard my company was being acquired. I ending up taking a position that was a promotion for me at an absolutely phenomenal company, and received a 60% pay increase to boot.

So, I wasn't looking last year, but it wound up being an amazing year for my career.


At my workplace there hasn't been raises for over 2 years, promotions have not happened (even for very deserving people) and the attitude is very much: "you are lucky to have a job." A lot of coworkers have talked about moving to different companies once the job market opens up, but it is easy to talk and who knows how many will actually make the move.

My employer's biggest issue is how to motivate people to do an excellent job, when they see no hope of moving up in the company and/or salary increases.

What has worked for my husband is to change jobs before things got so bad he couldn't tolerate it anymore. He was able to make a rational decision instead of jumping ship at the first opportunity.

Always return the calls of headhunters, even if you are happy as a clam!!!

I agree with Money Beagle that it depends on what their definition of 'looking for a job' is. If flipping through the want ads counts then OK. Otherwise 84% seems unbelievably high.

You have to consider the source. Manpower is in their own words "a world leader in innovative workforce solutions". They are in the business of workforce management, so the image of a transient workforce works to their advantage. I would want to see the specific question that was asked on the survey or the sample population that was asked it that was asked it before I would buy into the 84% number.

I'm wondering, does 84% of us want a new company to work for? Or is a major portion of us looking for another position (or promotion) with their current employer?

@Money Beagle-

Your second statement is Me! Personally, quite happy and content but haven't had raises in 2 years. Hopefully, this year will be different otherwise, yes, I, too, will start seriously looking.

I'm planning to leave my current position by 2012, but I'm not looking for a new one - I already am building it up. Blogging. I love blogging. I am currently trying to build up Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and Totally Money Blog Carnival into my full time income blogs and I work on Crystal Clear Thoughts and Dog's Life For Me as my hobby blogs, lol.

My current position underpays all of their employees and even gave us a sneaky pay cut for this year - I got a $750 raise and then a $1250 medical benefits addition...the sneakiest $500 pay cut ever. They also come right out and say that we are replaceable whenever we mention our salaries. It's a depressing situation to say the least.

I am one of the 84%. But, I am leaving to pursue real estate and have raised significant capital to acquire distressed properties. Personally, I see this as a generational event and will have plenty of opportunities to buy these assets over the next few years.

Well, I'm and HR Director and I'm looking for another job which makes me part of the 84%. I know a few other managers at my company are looking too. For me, I'm looking for a job with more growth and a pay increase. There is no opportunity for advancement at my company.

My company froze wages a year ago while the medical costs went up and then only gave a 1% pay raise the following year while medical cost went up again. Furthermore, the ownership company is looking to sell the property that I'm located at. I'm not too worried about the property selling because if it sells the new ownership would still need me around.

The current management company scared all the employees last week by announcing an “all employee meeting” and then canceling it the day before. Then had a meeting with me and the rest of the managers to tell us about the property being sold. So, with the signals corporate has been putting out, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of my employees were looking for other jobs too.

Yes, a lot of people when asked if they are planning to quit their job will answer yes especially those who are in their job for more than five years. But in reality at the back of their minds they are afraid of quitting their jobs outright without a good reason to or suitable job replacement.

I'm leaving the 9 to 5 to start my own online fitness and health business. I think it is the wave of the future.

I'm very happy where I am, so I'm part of the 16%. However, my husband is brushing up his resume. He's not thrilled with his current job, and it's finally gotten annoying enough to push him into looking around again.

I'm planning to leave my current job.i'm also looking for a new job.

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