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January 16, 2011


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Being thankful (or at least trying) has helped me a lot.

We now say grace before meals in my house. It's usually by rote. But every now and again and stop and focus on what is being said and it makes a difference. If we didn't do it every day, I wouldn't have those times when I actually stop and listen to the words.

In the old days I would have dismissed it as something meaningless because it is being done by rote. But the reality is that I need to do it by rote nine times to have the experience of the one time that I get something from it. It's not the practice of thanking God for my food that is messed up. It is my excuse-making machinery that is messed up.

It turns out that there was a good reason why so many people were saying grace for so many years. I wasn't smart to see through it but dumb for not seeing the wisdom in it.


Very nice post. It's sometimes hard to put others before yourself. But there truly is worth in avoiding self-centered are allowing God to grant that which you need. Let others be the victor and instead work on adopting an 'I have enough already' mindset.

This all should happen regardless of one's spiritual point of view, but it sure happens.....
and yes, being thankful (to whatever power you recognize) is an extremely
important part of maturity.

Very thoughtful post, it reminded me of a Quote by Benjamin Franklin:

"Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody."

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