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January 30, 2011


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What version was that from? The Message?

Very interesting and true too.

texashaze --

I think it was from the NLT. I use to get my verses and they have many translations available.

In a world long on entertainment (but tragically short on genuine connection!) it's easy to lose sight of or ignore the fact that life at it's core is ultimately hopeless.

In a purely secular sense, we're born, we live our lives, enjoy certain stretches of it, suffer tragedies and hard times in others, but ultimately we die and it's over. There may be enjoyment along the way and even a sense of purpose, but utlimately it ends at the grave.

"Life's a b--ch, and then you die" is the coloquial interpretation. Even the non-believer senses it.

I think we spend a lot of time running away from that fundamental truth, and one of the places we seek refuge is in money. Money can cure many ills and buy a lot of diversion, but it can't change our destiny.

In Jesus Christ we have the only solution to that outcome, and once we come to that realization nothing else in life is as important, including money.

Ultimatley, money is a tool; used wisely it's a valuable one even to the believer. But while it can do many things, it can't offer us salvation beyond this life, and often it can't do as much even within this life. If it can't save us, we should never allow it to have power over us.

I think that once we can put money in it's proper perspective--by recognizing and accepting it's limititions--we can embrace it's true value, let go of the fantasy version, and make it work for us.

Money doesn't matter one bit if you don't have people to share it with and the common sense to manage it. I grew up with not much money at all, but I had a happier childhood than many that were given everything.

Cemetaries are filled with people who thought they could not be replaced in there job.

If you can afford to retire do. Sometimes that decison will be made for you in, lay off, illness or death.

Kind of pointless saving all you life to have a retirement fund that you will leave behind.

Know how you want to spend your retirement and I do not mean money wise.

I am trying to make a conscious effort in my life to try and enjoy things more instead of chasing arbitrary financial goals all the time. So what if I have a ton of money in the bank. It might come in handy very rarely. But if I could use some of the resources to really help people, or to create experiences that will grow the relationships in my life, that would be great.

These are sobering thoughts, indeed!

This passage reminds me a lot of Haggai chapter 1, where the people planted much but harvested little, ate but weren't satisfied, drank but were still thirsty, put on clothes but couldn't keep warm, and earned wages but lost the money through holes in the pockets.

God blew their wealth away because the people hadn't given Him first place in their lives.

This reminds me of a story, supposedly true, I found in a devotional or Readers Digest years ago.

An evangelist came to a Texas town. He preached that everything belonged to God and was only ours to use. One of the large ranchers didn't think so. He took the evangelist to dinner after church and then took him to the middle of his huge property. He looked out over it, turned to the man and said, "Now tell me this isn't all mine!" The evangelist said, "I will tell you on one condition. You come back in 200 years and ask me the same question."

As one of the verses says above, we die and all we collected belongs to someone else - and not always family.

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