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January 12, 2011


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I avoid BestBuy at all costs. It is always a zoo like you said, and I haven't found the workers helpful. Most of them are indifferent in my experience.

Only reason I might step in there is to window shop or get a feel for something before I do my research and buy through Amazon or the best deal possible.

I think the sales people are pushy. A few times when I was looking at large screen TV's I would tell the sales person I was "just looking" ( to me this means..leave me alone). But they would continue to stand next to me as if I was ready to buy. And I don't know how many of them have said to me. " we don't work on a commision" That line must be part of the sales training. I'll go in if I'm really looking to buy something, but I don't go in to look around and see whats new anymore. Their sales people have drove me away.

Wow, as the other commenter's have mentioned, I am surprised you found the sales people helpful. I find mostly useless kids as sales people. They may know the basics, but ask for any depth and you are usually out of luck. I've seen a couple of exceptions, but for the most part I find them annoying.

The reason I no longer go to the place is that they push ridiculously expensive HDMI cables ($80) which you get the same performance from a $6 cable. It's so disingenuous, I won't shop there anymore. I buy everything over the internet now. And I really don't miss it.

Every time I went into Best Buy I came out empty-handed. So I stopped. Why didn't I buy anything? Mostly because, as you noted, their stuff is overpriced.

There's a markup for a brick and mortar store - but I think there must be some markup just because it's Best's cheaper to get practically everything they sell on Amazon or another online retailer. Well, except for really cheap items where the shipping would get you.

Perhaps the biggest reason (besides saving money on the price) - I'm lazy. I'd rather not have to bundle up, get in the car, drive there and walk around. I'd rather just type and lick a few times to find what I want.

Then again, minimizing search time saves money (opportunity cost) - I could be making money somehow during that time instead of sitting at a red light or waiting for cashier to figure something out.

I only buy video games and videos from them for the most part because the prices are pretty much the same for those items anywhere you go locally. I refuse to buy anything else from there. I once went in there for a 6 foot network cable. They charge $30 for it. I can get them for $2 online. Computer memory is absolutely ridiculous there. And don't even get me started on their Geek Squad. Ugh! I have almost 22 years of experience with computers and I own a small business whose main customers are previous Geek Squad customers (where I have to go correct something one of those people did).

I like Best Buy for some things that are basically the same price regardless of where you buy them. Yes, maybe if I had bought these speakers online, I'd have paid no sales tax on them, but I'd be a week before I got them. Worth the cost.

I dislike Best Buy because it's a hassle to get the store to price match their own website. For instance, I found a receiver I wanted. Comparably priced online with other stores at $370. Best Buy store had it for $550. They didn't want to honor their own website price. So, I pulled out my phone, bought it online and chose in-store pickup. Went next door, got a coffee, and 10 minutes later picked up the same exact thing for $180 cheaper. Silly, silly. But it does make some serious extra revenue for them for folks that aren't going to price shop.

I hate the place and avoid it at all costs. Ditto with most comments...price is too high, place is always a zoo and you have to fight for a price match with their website.

Went in to buy a bundle camera package before christmas. The web had one price and the store was $40 higher. I eventually got them to match it but it took 20 minutes and 3 people. What a pain in the butt!

I like browsing cause they are one of the few places that have a decent selection of electronics in stock that you can look at. Thats about it.

Our Best Buy is usually not very crowded and the sales people are mostly useless and overly pushy. The company seems to try and make a lot of its profit on high margin addons like stupid service contracts or $30 USB cables.

I used to buy stuff there sometimes but haven't purchased anything for 2.5 years. And that was a 'last minute' purchase for something I needed and I knew they would have.

APF said:
"I'd rather just type and lick a few times to find what I want."

That must be an interesting keyboard you've got. ;-)

I think they are good in some areas like cell phones, cameras and computers. They are not as good in t.v.'s and home theater. T.V.'s need to be calibrated better and they set the units "hot". They have no idea as to how to set up and audition speakers well and are horrible with front projection. In those areas, I would do your own homework first and then buy from best buy or another store mainly on price and service.

Mixed feelings on Best Buy.

I went to buy a TV there only to learn the sale had ended the previous day. The associate on the phone would not give me the sale price. I immediately went online and found the same TV at BuyDig for an even better price and it was delivered to my door.

I too do not like the crowds at BB. That said, their place has improved since they moved buildings and the noise level seems more tolerable.

I like Best Buy because they are a good general electronics store to browse through. I give them a little business (ink cartridge, iPod Touch case recently) because they have given helpful advise in the past.

I will never go to Best Buy because it's a zoo. The parking is horrible. The crowds are horrible. I can never get anyone to help. The front door is covered with so much security you think your going into Fort Knox. They are always out of the thing you want.
I buy my computer items from My TV's anywhere else.

I absolutely abhor BBY. Horribly overpriced, inadequate salesperson knowledge (I actually had a camera salesperson try to convince me that filter diameter was responsible for how much light a lens lets in...)
Usually I just go there to play with the items hands on, then buy from NewEgg, B&H, etc.

We just had a great experience at Best Buy. We received an Apple TV for Christmas, without a gift receipt, so we couldn't return it to an Apple store. We looked online to see which other local retailers carried it, and Best Buy was the only one, so we decided to try to return it there. Best Buy took it back and gave us a store credit (gift card) for full price ($100 + tax) with no hassle. A manager had to approve the return because of the price, but the transaction took less than 5 minutes. We'll use the gift card to buy something that is the same price everywhere (gaming stuff, etc.). Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised by a big box store.

As other users commented, I go there to browse and see what something is like hand-on. Afterwards, I look around online for better prices.

I used to avoid BB except to window shop, then I learned that my local BB - Dover, DE will price match most online prices- amazon included. Just picked up Canon 7D for $1634.

I usually go to Best Buy just for looking the real product that I am going to buy. If I feel good about it, I buy it on the internet. No way I would buy anything from them unless for emergency or $20 or less. Another reason to go there is to spend time before the movie.

i feel bad sometimes that i go in to suck the knowledge out of the reps, and rarely buy. i'd say for every 10 trips i buy twice. not bad i suppose (20% conversion). i get most all of what i need that BB offers from amazon, ebay or dealnews significantly cheaper. i didn't know about the price matching, Ryan thanks for that info.

I agree they can be busy, any retailer can be. We have had great customer service with Best Buy. Two years ago my wife and I were driving across the southern tier of New York when the DVD player in the car died. Had bought it at Best Buy and the next 750 miles would have been challenging for our 2.5 year old without a DVD player. I guessed that 1800BESTBUY would be a best buy phone number and it was. They set me up so that I pretty much walked into the Erie, PA Best Buy, filled out a few papers and got on the road VERY quickly with a new DVD player. To quote MasterCard, that was "priceless!"

I think they are overpriced. The one that kills me is cell phone/ipod cases - one that you can get for $5 online is $30 in a Best Buy store.

However, I love their in store pickup for online orders (for when you can find something at a good price online).

I avoid Best Buy simply since I usually find better prices online. They are only somewhere we go if we need a specific thing and can call ahead to reserve it to pick it up. There are several around us, so we can usually find a close one that has whatever we are looking for that will hold it for us for 30 minutes.

Don't mean to be a downer here folks but I think its the equivilent of stealing when you go to any store with the intent of touching and feeling what you want to buy, using their sales people for their knowledge and then buying it at a cheaper price online.

Regarding Best Buy, I rarely go there. However they are the only electronics store in my area since Circuit City and Ultimate Electronics closed.

texashaze --

"The equivilent of stealing"? Really?

Does that mean if you go into any store looking for anything, touch and feel it, talk to their sales people, and then buy it elsewhere (online or not), then that's stealing?

No... what I mean is if you go to BB looking at a reciever *you know you won't buy from them* but you go to see the performance of that product and get info from the sales guy (because you can't do that with the online store). Then after you do that you go online and buy that product from Newegg. That's not right in my opinion. You've taken the brick and mortor store's time, energy and investment with the intent to buy from a cheaper online store regardless. The key here is your intent. I bet if you asked a shopkeeper their opinion on this they'd agree.

texashaze --

A couple thoughts:

1. Are you saying it isn't right or that it's the same as stealing? Seems like a big difference to me (the latter you actually get arrested for, for instance.)

2. I'm not sure what the shopkeeper would say. Retail is a complex business. And most retailers would rather have a potential customer in the store than not in the store (There's no chance they will buy anything if they don't come in. But if they do come in, perhaps the great merchandising and other incentives will actually turn them into a customer.)

To add to this. Why I don't like Apple Store...

10 percent restocking fee. So lame..

@FMF - of course it's not really stealing under the law... but it's stealing the shopkeepers time, and money invested in the building, it's overhead and the inventory when you go to his business with the intent of using his efforts to give someone else the business (especially internet companies).

A shopkeeper would argue that all that time and energy could have been spent on a another customer who planned on actually spending money there.

I'm not calling everyone thieves as I'm guilty of doing this in the past. However, someone challenged me a few years ago on this and after hearing their argument I came to the same conclusion. There is a price to getting advice from salesmen and touching/holding inventory. Paying a small price over internet pricing to get this service is only fair.

It's an interesting challenge which I thought I'd share.

@texashaze, I don't consider this anything like stealing at all. Here is why. If Best Buy would be willing to sell me the product for the same price as the online retailer (minus the 8.75% sales tax), I would happily buy it from them.

I am in their store to see a product and check prices. If their prices are too high, why would I buy from them? Haven't you ever walked into a store to check the place out and not bought anything because the price was unreasonable?

@calishopper - It's really not fair to compare Best Buy to Newegg for example. One has the added overhead while the other does not. Is it really unreasonable to pay a small amount extra for the benefit of touching the product and speaking to someone? On one hand there is comparison shopping but on the other there is using a store's resources to look at a product you intend on buying online. The latter is where I think folks are in the wrong.

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