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January 21, 2011


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Thanks for the great site.

Hope I win so I can get started on my taxes.

What am I missing with all the free tax preperation being offered??

I'd like that.

I can use that.

I'm all for free.

I'd like a chance to win it. Thanks!

Please enter me in the free tax software give away.


I hope you do not mind FMF but I know you have some military readers:
Public Service Announcement: (I do not want to win since I already get it for free) anyone in the military -Active or Reserves - can get this for free from Military One Source:

It would be great to win. Someday I will.

Thank you!

FMF, you are the greatest! A contest for H&R Block tax software is a great idea! Thanks!

I can't wait until you announce the winner!

i'm in.


I'd love to get my taxes done for free! Thanks!

I need this


Should be fun!!

Pick me!

I'd love to win the tax software. I read your blog on a daily basis and truly enjoy it. Thanks for all you do.

I'd like to try it.

Great it every day!

did I win?? I hope so!

Here's hoping the random number generator falls this way.

OK, I'm trying again! I hope I get it this time.

I have actually used that product the last several years. I did my taxes using both that and TurboTax. There was one item TurboTax was missing that HR Block included which lowered my tax liability, so I am an HR Block fan now.

another try

Fingers crossed!

Would love to file for free.

Thank you!


I'd like to win this!

I like tax-free prizes!


Anyone know whether Turbo Tax results from last year can be imported into H&R's software? Thanks!

I would love to win this!

good luck yall

Hope to win! Have a great weekend!

Tax time draws nigh. Would love to win.

Thanks for the great opportunities.

At Home, Tax Cut, something good by any name

My taxes sure will be complex this year... Less so if I win!


thanks for the offer.

Could use this, thanks

Would love to win this! Thanks!

Taxes are fun!

I would LOVE this :)

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