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January 17, 2011


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I could really use this. thanks


I'd try it out. :-) Thanks FMF!

I've heard great things about YNAB; I'd love to try it.

Woo hoo! Thanks for the chance!

Thanks for the chance!

Sign me up... thanks!

You are correct, sir, I do need a budget!


I would love to try it.

I'm in.

Been wanting to buy it, but feel we can't afford it. Probably could if we got on a budget. Hopefully I can win a copy of YNAB.

Alright...thanks for the opportunity

I'd love to try it out!

Hey, I hope your random number generator picks me!


i want a budget :)

My name is V, and I'm leaving a comment.

Thanks FMF!!! I appreciate the opportunity to win YNAB.

Would like to win this. Could learn something!

worth a shot!

Count me in.

I need some kind of budget help.

Something I need to read!


Thanks so much!

I am now entered for a chance to win. Thanks!

I'd love this!

I need a budget

Thanks for the opportunity.

I'm in!

Thanks for this great giveaway! I've been tempted to try YNAB for some time now. I hope I win! :)

Giving it another try, would like to win.

Thanks for the giveaways!


Just pick me. ;)

I checked out the trial and YNAB is amazing :)

Hope its me !!!

Please pick me!

Count me in!

I could realy use a budget

I have reviewed their website based upon your prior recommendations--and it looks terrific!

I am an expatriate American living with my family in Donetsk, Ukraine--on a too-small disability pension. Thus, the only things I purchase are absolute necessities. Meanwhile, for our budget I get by with a spreadsheet (which is done on a free office suite, by the way!)

I'd love to try it personally--and I've already passed on your recommendation for YNAB to a friend from Oklahoma, and he bought it.


Thank you


Would love the opportunity to upgrade from the envelope system to YNAB. Thank you



Looking for a better/different budget system than what I currently have.

count me in!!!

This giveaway is now closed.

The winner is Mark Ard who posted on January 17, 2011 at 03:51 PM

Mark, please email me (see: ) and we'll arrange to get you your prize. Congrats!

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