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January 24, 2011


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I'd love to get some more advice on setting up a budget! Thanks!

Count me in

Woo hoo! Count me in, too!

(Can I get that with a side order of bacon?)

I'm in

FMF is great!

Would love to win this for a friend who is struggling to set up a working

I'd like one...

I'm in.

Definitely need this!

please please please please PLEASE let me win this time!

Count me in.

Thank you!

My wife need a budget,so here I am.

I'm in!

This will be really helpful for me. Thank you.

Am very intrigued with this product!

I need a budget! Pick me!

Count me in! I've already got a copy, but I have a friend who could use it.

My son, who is in college, could really use the help of software like YNAB to help him establish the right habits right from the start!

I do, in fact, NEED a budget.

Yes, please!


I could use a budget big time.

I'd love some help with setting up our budget; it's one of our 2011 goals. Thanks for the opportunity!

Hope I win!

We could definitely use a budget to help meet our savings goals.

Here's to hoping!

I'm in.

Please select me.

I'm in!

I sure can use that.

I'll play!


me too.

I need a budget.

Would love to win

I would be honored to be selected as the receipient of this free software. I really need to discipline myself and be able to fine tune my budget better. I've been using the free website but it doesn't give a full accurate picture of my finances. From the designs on the software detail, it looks like what I'm looking for. It appears that it is much easier to split expenses in different categories from the same merchant. It also appears to realize that even though I am a salaried employee, it will see that pay has been cut some months due to manatory furlough. Please give me a chance to fine tune my budget so I can survive as an underpaid employee,

Yes, please.

Would love to win this!

Pick me! Thanks!

Would love to win this book for my daughter who is trying so hard to stay on a budget.

After decades of living on a theater-professional's sporadic income, my husband and I have at least one solid paycheck coming in and are trying to make the most of our new stability and pay off crippling grad student debts. This software could be a real help.

Hoping to win!

It would be great to try something other then pen & paper. Thanks!

Oooo, I hope I win.

Thanks for chance!!!

I could relay benefit from learning more about budgeting!

Another book to read!

This looks like an easy fabulous tool. I'd love to use it!

Thanks for the chance.

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