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February 14, 2011


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Wise advice. The reality is that financial issues end up derailing a ton of marriages. It's unfortunate, but this happens far too often in this day and age.

Really, it's important to be on the same page in terms of financial goals and habits, or at least at a place where two people can compromise and find a comfortable middle ground. Getting to this place, philosophically and with a budget, is a smart use of time. Better than a box of chocolates or dinner out:)

I am not married but I have a partner. I know that most couples don't talk about financial matters but we do. We don't have to feel awkward when it comes to paying things. It also brings us closer.

No arguments that budgeting is a good thing, although I question doing it on valentines day. I do think that 1% for "frivolous spending" is pretty low though. Say a couple make 100k, after taxes they have 75k, they each end up getting $30 a month. That seems ridiculously low considering their income. I gave myself more than that even when I was working part time in college.

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