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February 27, 2011


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This is a nice article. I especially like point 1. It is very easy to think that anyone with more than you spends extravagantly while another is a hoarder. I've often had this point-of-view but might not after reading this.

I think the key to this question – what is the right saving balance? – revolves around this very important word: joy.

There's no joy to be found in hedonism. Hedonism is a lonely and desperate pursuit.

But, yes, different people reach the point at which they recognize hedonism in themselves at different places. That is not for us to judge. We need to struggle to be honest with ourselves about it, knowing that God will be the judge.

My hope is the He grades on a curve! (That's a joke, but it is indeed a concern of mine -- I live my life as if He grades on a curve and I worry that I may end up in the soup if that ends up not being so).


One point of clarification as it relates to Mother Teresa: The book, Come Be My Light, that came out 4 years ago, consisting of private letters she wrote, would hardly lead one to conclude she lived a life of joy, at least spiritually.
At times - one can question how often such feelings were present - she felt great spiritual pain.
You can read a shorter summary of it here :,8599,1655415,00.html

This is exactly what I have had to struggle with lately. DH and I are on a plan that is going to allow us to live our dreams in a couple of years...

we need to make sure we are still giving. We need to make sure our investing isn't simply out of greed, but b/c we believe God has called us to the vision we have. We need to make sure we are still enjoying life while we work toward the goal.

Great thoughts on the subject!

Rob - I heard a song (new to me) the other day that said, "God grades on the cross, not on the curve."

As to Mother Teresa, I don't doubt that she often had doubts and when she had doubts and worries, she wrote to others for reassurance. But I also don't doubt that she really did have moments of great joy and did not need to write to others then, as she would have had no doubt that God was there.

And her life was filled with so much pain and misery of the people around her that it would be hard to be constantly joyful. If we bear others burdens, we will feel their pain.

We obey God, not because it makes us feel good, but because He asks it of us. The words of Jesus, "if you love me, you will serve me."

I think the four points of the summary is very good. Different people reach the point at which they recognize hedonism in themselves at different places. That is not for us to judge. Every man for himself the balance of the savings have their own practice.If you approach is bad, you can follow the above practice try it, you'll have the different results.
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