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February 15, 2011


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Persistence and determination is everything! Congrats on not giving up. :)

Yes, I totally agree with what you say--looking and dressing "older" at work, gives you win win win at work and is sooo easy to do. It may be even more important for women. I even found this helpful when I was in my 30's.

Nice article. I went up the ladder at a very young age as well (Director at 27, MD at 33, CEO at 35) and projected an older age. But after a few years I would like to go the other way- project a younger age!

Remember you become what you project eventually. That projected increased age can become real to your detriment. Since when is it cool to look 55 at the age of 41?


good post. does showing up to work count as B & T? the last i heard showing up to work (mentally as well) seems to be well over half the battle

in one of my past lives, i was at a position a couple levels ahead of my age. i purposely wore a full beard and always had at least a sport coat on to project the "necessary" (in my opinion) image. some years later now i look like i am 21 when i am clean shaved. that is why i NEVER clean shave, and leave a scruff which makes me look 25-26, still underage, but very cool. helps that i dress like a rock star ;-)

@ Mike Hunt - good question. Perhaps you have a better insight at the when the crossover point is when it becomes necessary to start looking younger?

@ Sunil - I certainly believe that showing up to work - on time - and staying focused counts as blocking and tackling. So many people show up late, have constant distractions throughout the day, etc. By being at work during the required hours and being (mostly) engaged during that time, you will be well ahead of many people.

I think each industry is different when it comes to the "required" or "most optimal" look to achieve. I would just suggest to look at the people in the postion you want, and see how they dress/act - or maybe look a couple rungs up the ladder for guidance.

Awesome advice for all situations. It demonstrates character.

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