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February 05, 2011


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do not panic - workers at the IRS are people just like you. i have gotten audited twice before, once i ended up with more refund $$$ after the audit. the second time ended up in the audit closed / thrown out due to it having no merit.

I agree with Sunil on 'do not panic' that should be step #1. I got a letter one year myself and it was no problem, I just sent them back a letter and they replied the issue was closed. I had failed to report a stock sale properly but there was no significant gain/loss.

I wonder if I will ever get audited. For the 2008 tax year, I put in a note that I was unsure of my figures. Would they please double check for me. I received a check 2-3 weeks later for $300.

I also double checked what they said I missed. It was incorrect. I should not have received the difference. How do you tell the IRS that they made a mistake? I haven't tried yet, but I am keeping that much on hand in my emergency fund in case they find it.

I’ve been operating as a sole proprietor for a few years now – and every year around this time, I get nervous, terrified that I’ll be audited. I generally do a good job of record keeping so if I do get audited I’m sure I’ll be OK – but it’s still encouraging to know the audit would likely be contained to one aspect, and it’s good to know there’s help if needed. Thanks for the post!

How long dose it take after u send in everything the irs has asked for I only had to prove my kids was mine I sent in everything they asked for but its been a week an still haven't got my long dose it take ?

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