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February 04, 2011


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I'm in!

Go Pack Go!

I like free!

I'm in!

I used to hate doing taxes, but now that I do it online, it seems easier. Real tax software would be very cool! Do you think it will save me more money on my taxes than just using the free online sites?

Thanks for the opportunity!


In it to win it.


Pick Me!

Thank for the chance to win!


I love this blog. I hope I win...

Pick me. :)


thank you!

Thanks for the giveaway!


Free stuff and summertime. Two of my favorite things.

I might have entered a wrong email address. Was it me FMF?


I would love to win one of those.

Yes please and thank you.

Count me in.


This sounds good. Please enter me in the drawing for the software. Thank you!!

I'd love to win either one.

Enjoy the blog, appreciate the freebis, and wish for great cheese-ness this weekend.

Hoping to win:)

Here I go again. Promise I'll respond to your email. Really I will. Pick me please.

Mongo, like free.

I'd like to win!

I feel lucky!

"The most powerful force in the universe is compounding interest." ~ Albert Einstien

[email protected]

I'm in!

I need the software to double check my manually filled out form...

Would love to win.

You are tooooooo KIND, but Thank you for the offer.

pick me

I like Turbo Tax but free is free.

If it's free it's for me!

Yes please!


Everybody into the hat!

What could be better than free tax help

Please choose me....Ok will still read your blog if not.

Enter me in tax software giveaway,please

yes please!

Crossing my fingers!

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