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March 18, 2011


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My workplace has awesome benefits for employees at my level--its almost embarrassing. They do it because they can't match the salaries offered elsewhere. There's a huge employee fitness center (not lavish, costs $15/month, and crowded! No spray tanning, but you can take yoga or massage classes & meet with a fitness coach), a backup/emergency daycare center, a sick child daycare center (but no regular daycare center), free tax preparation, free access to professional financial planners, free life insurance policy, optional reduced cost additional life, long term care, umbrella liability, and other insurance, corporate discounts for almost everywhere (including banks, hotels, home & auto insurance, and local sports & concert tickets), a low-cost errand-running service (still pretty expensive though), an executive lounge where you can get free coffee and snacks, "technology" assist (ie they'll help pay for your smart phone or ipad), option to purchase junked corporate computers for your personal use, on-site health care, fertility benefits, cheap but awesome coverage health insurance with option to "buy in" to the same plan after retirement, and free on-site parking with a car-starting service when it's super cold. They even used to offer 2nd mortgages to attract certain highly-desired new hires, but I don't know if they do that any more.

No jet, botox, wine bars, or sabbaticals--this is the Midwest after all! We can't even order so much as a glass of wine on the company dime when taking clients out to dinner. Not that anyone's complaining!

Sorry to say the coolest company benefit I have is I still have a job.

I'd gladly trade all of the above for a good company 401k. Check to see how your company 401k compares to others. This plays an important role in your latter years long after the "spray tanning" has worn off.

We have an onsite health clinic free of charge to all employees, lactation room for new moms, fitness center (with yoga classes etc.), massage therapists, physical therapists, coffee/smoothie bar, cafeteria, and atm. Best place I've ever worked at by far.

I wonder what is meant be a big sabbatical... If it's a year off to travel the world sabbatical, that would be pretty awesome!

I work for a company that provided a re-occurring month long sabbatical after so many years of work. It's pretty nice.

We usually get a $5 coupon for Ruby Tuesdays around Christmas time. Oh, and we got a free calendar. Woohoo.

Free use of the company's postage meter, flexible work schedule, and the occasional free lunch... Unfortunately, no health insurance, no company-sponsored retirement plan or disability insurance.

We get charitable contribution matching by my employer - that's an awesome one.

We have a full coffee bar, with very low prices and proceeds going to charity. Not that buying specialty drinks in necessarily a way to save money overall, but it's nice to have a low-cost option on hand.

My company has incredible benefits with the best being a full pension AND a matching 401k. The sabbatical sounds great! Wish we had one.

My friend who works at the pharmaceutical company gets 6 weeks paid sabbatical after every 5 years of service...and that's on top of his normal vacation. It's sort of like the burnout preventer program.

They also host date nights where 1 Friday a month, the on-site daycare stays open late so you can go out for a date with your spouse. THey also have low cost elder care and an on call in home babysitting service.

I drool at these benefits, but I know I have it pretty good myself being employed and having things like healthcare, paid vacation, etc.

My company has 3-4 of the more practical items on that list. Not sure if you'd call our gym "lavish" but we've got a gym. None of them are really that big of a deal as far as I'm concerned but each one does make our company a better place to work marginally and added up theres a lot of perks compared to a company without any of them.

Best benefit in my opinion? A paycheck!

My husband and I would love fertility benefits.

I think its pretty cool that my employer will let me take 6 days off a year to go volunteer in addition to my normal PTO

We used to have paid four week sabbatical when you worked there for five years. We used to have concierge service that took care of dry cleaning, car inspection, car detailing, etc. We used to have milk in the coffee rooms. We used to have shared daycare facility with the other two medium size companies nearby. It's the people, not the perks, though they were nice to have when I used to go into the office, that make it a good place to work. I went on some great vacations when I had the sabbatical -- a month in Scotland and five years later, a month in Australia.

I never had any of the "new" types of benefits but I did receive a generous non-contributory pension plan and a 50% company match on my 401K.
The pension alone has been worth $556,810 so far and it will continue until I die.

My paid vacations started at 2 weeks and then another week was added every 5 years up to a 5 week maximum. Also after 30 years of service retirees and their dependents were allowed to stay in the company group insurance plan.

Of course I'm talking about the good old days, everything changed soon after I retired in 1992.

Some of these sound a bit fluffy. I'm guessing people would rather proper maternity/paternity leave, great health benefits, decent vacation allowances, and flex time than a wine bar (really?).

I'm not sure if I'd describe them as "cool" but we have a few less usual benefits: paid time off for volunteer work; monthly lunches/weekly healthy breakfasts; regular paid social events like football matches and horseracing nights and things; and access to a concierge type service we can call to get recommendations for clubs or doctors or whatever. We managers can also expense boozy nights out with our teams, which is good. That's over the "standard" benefits like paid professional memberships and education, RRSP matching, healthcare stuff.

When I worked for a big hotel chain as a student they used to have masseurs come in every month or so, as we were always on our feet. That was cool. Doggy daycare would be great too, but frankly I wouldn't be interested in an onsite gym or healthcare - I spend enough time in my workplace and around my bosses and coworkers and have no intention of sweating or getting smear tests alongside them and in my office!

Hi there! In my company, they give free travel to the country of my choice, all expenses paid with pocket money. That's the reason why I stay where I work now. :) Travel is my passion.

My benifits are pretty straight up. Good health and dental care. I only pay a small portion. I get 32 days paid vacation a year, since I've stuck around for over 20 years. And I get all the free tap water you can drink.

All of those are cheaper than real benefits like retirement / health.

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