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March 24, 2011


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Your confusion from the 2 bullet points comes from the misunderstanding between "openings" and "hirings".

#1: Of all the "hirings" anywhere, half come from unposted jobs.
#2: Of all "openings" anywhere, only 1/3 are posted.

Does it mean that there never was a posted opening?

No. There are posted and un-posted.

The job was posted but someone who didn't respond to the posting got the job?

It is not talking about 1 specific job. It is taking statistics of all people hired. Say a 100 people are hired in the U.S. 50 of these employees got the job without applying to a posting. But, rather referral, non-posting, etc...

"More perfect"? Uhhh... Yeah... Sure... lol. Good post anyway.

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