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March 29, 2011


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My big problem right now is #2, being precise in what I am looking for. I still need to figure that one out before my contacts can help me too much!

Once you have found the job that you are really interested in, the interview is your first chance to impress those who are having the power to hire you. Now you should not come across as either too strong or look arrogant. In case you are too weak you will look like as if you lack confidence. Hence you need to prepare to impress but not overwhelm and also get the job you want.So you need to dress appropriately for the interview. You should always dress in professional attire even if the job happens to be a blue collar job. The fact that you have taken the time to make yourself presentable will definitely impress the people interviewing you. In case the actual job attire is casual, you can be a bit less formal after you get the job.

All these job posts have been very informative. Especially the comments in many of them, from people who do the hiring.

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