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March 13, 2011


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I read a lot of personal finance blogs, because I'm interested in making my life comfortable, and possibly not having to rely on my kids when I'm 80. But I've noticed that we (they?) seem to have the attitude that doing a good job with your money makes you a morally superior person and that the whole point of life is to die with the biggest bank account. A person might be forgiven for thinking that in America, it is considered a sin to die without considerable assets to dole out to the bereaved. Maybe it is. There certainly is a lot of moral grandstanding about 401k's sometimes. ;-) It can get really annoying. Thanks for the verse.

What we do or do not have is certainly not a measure of our worth... I think of Mary, the great honor that was bestowed upon her, and the baby Jesus born in a stable. Mary was a woman who was "highly favored of the Lord" but would we, with all the focus on material blessings around us, perceive her as such today? I hope I would :)

Proverbs 11:30b "He who wins souls is wise." I think that people, and their eternal souls, matter. What have I done to share the Gospel this week? What have I done to prepare the way of the Lord?

I watched the show 'Undercover Millionaire' last night and it seems that the volunteers who were helping others in need were happy and 'rich'. Funny -- the volunteers aren't living a lavish themselves, by any means, but they appreciate the blessings that God has given them in their own lives, and want to give back. Where would society be without these selfless people?

God provides us with what we need. It is when greed,envy,glutony,hardening of heart and alike that influence us to do things.

If we need a car do we need a caddilac or a chevy? How about that IPhone or IPad? Do we need it or do we want it? Compasion for someone in need?

I think we need to at times enjoy the journey and stop being in the rat race.

Look around and enjoy what God has given us.

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