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March 29, 2011


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When I got my first credit card as a college student I got a WF card and I maxed it out. WF did not allow me to go over limit to charge me a fee but declined the charge. When I finally realized that maxing out my card was bad I called WF to request a interest reduction and was given two options a lower rate for 6 month or a slightly higher one for 12 month but the woman on the phone recommended I take the lowest rate and just call back in 6 month and they would lower it again and it worked. They do seem to be the only fair bank I have dealt with.

"We prefer Wendy's. Same products but better quality IMO."

I generally prefer Wendy's food, but it is significantly more expensive where I am and I find that the quality and prices differ greatly depending on the location. Those 99 cent nuggets commercials are extremely annoying because they play them all the time, yet all of the Wendy's around here charge between 1.39 to 1.59 for their nuggets. There is something to be said for McDonald's always having the same prices and quality.

Facebook reminds me of a computer programer who does not know which presonality to use. Very Schizophrenic. I hate it and never really got into it.

Pretty much agree with the rest of your comments.

Don't like apple, don't like ATT, don't like starbucks, MCD is a good place to get consistent food that is bad.

Cars?? Really?? Whatever.

One good thing about Facebook is I can share an article, a video or a news with my friends, which sometimes will create some discussions about the topic.

During the Japan disaster, Facebook actually became a central location that family and frends reported their safety. Making a phone call might not possible (like only connected 1 of 10 times) but internet was still available, so Facebook was used for keeping in touch.

However, I will avoid any applications because of privacy concerns. And I agree that some people are just over used it.

I was surprised Verizon wasn't the top dog too!

We don't have a Southwest either, and the other big surprise was Hyundai. We usually go the Toyota route (although I do currently have a cheap Chevy).

I won't buy an Apple for myself, but I am planning on getting my son either an Apple iPod plus, iPhone or iPad. I'll probably go with a google-based android device for myself someday.

Remember, these are brands that people love most - not brands that rank highest in quality / customer satisfaction. It just means they have a great marketing team.

That being said - I'll do McDonalds for breakfast, but generally don't like their food. But they are everywhere, and when on the road sometimes its the only thing you can find.

I personally think Apple is overrated - i know they have great marketing, and a huge brand following - but when you compare specs and can get a machine that is just as powerful for 1/3 the price, its hard to pull the trigger. I don't see the competitive advantage to Apple. Especially with phones. I wonder if the ATT phone service is boosted b/c of having the iphone...

I don't have much of a comment on any of the other items. Except maybe facebook. Its by far the most dominant social networking site, so i can't imagine anything coming close. It doesn't have any competition for what it does.

I just got a high end HP for less than 1/2 the price of a comparable Mac (17 inch screen $1000 vs. $2500). The performance is stellar, but the construction quality is lower.

Still, every single one of the 5 (7?) Macbooks my wife and I have owned has ended up needing to use the extended warranty, and has ended up breaking. The outdated but working PC laptops I have hanging around maybe show that that quality is more of an illusion than fact.

I still recommend Macs to family members though, virtually 0 risk of them getting viruses and me having to support them.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo isn't the adequate always-present choice. It's service is adequate, its rates are middle of the road and there are branches and ATMs almost everywhere. Kind of the Walmart of banking.

We use them because our mortgage, because our oldest credit cards are with them and because we need a physical place to deposit checks before transferring money to ING!

Since 2000 they have accidentally frozen our Credit Cards, applied mortgage payments to principal instead of as monthly payments and messed up check deposits. In each case though they were friendly and apologetic. I just try to make sure that when I do something with them I have enough to do it again if they screw it up.

Facebook got boring so I deleted everyone except family and two international friends. I now have 13 friends that are really friends and it takes up a more reasonable part of my life.

Oops. "Wells Fargo isn't the adequate" should have said "Wells Fargo is the adequate"...

I'd never buy an Apple computer or an i-phone: too expensive and not worth the cost. Also, the limited software available for Apple computers & phones is a drag. However, I like the iPod. I was temped by the iPad until I looked into the outrageous monthly fee--I'll just keep my android T-mobile phone, thanks!

I had to laugh--Walmart, really? In my town, it's the most infested, crappy store you could possible shop in, and where your car is most likely to be broken into. All their merchandise looks like it is filthy & has lain crumpled in a corner for days, and even their groceries look scummy. Plus, they search you when you leave! O Yuck.

Apple: No surprise - I lust over a Macbook Pro, but, agree, too much $

McDonalds: Gross - Looking at the obesity problems we have, no surprise

Amazon: No surprise - also do most of my X-Mas shopping there (free shipping and no tax, come on, what's not to love?!)

Dunkin Donuts: Big surprise - I have one cup of coffee a day, and enjoy Starbucks on occasion

Southwest: No surprise - FMF, I hope you get a hub, they are as good as everyone says. Ignore some of the bad press they get, it's all BS

AT&T: Surprise - They are terrible

Wells Fargo: Surprise - There are much better, USAA is far superior

Hyundai: A little surprised - They've been getting great reviews for style and quality and have come a long way. Toyota has been plagued with quality issues. Hondas are boring (no offense intended to any Honda owners)...

Wal-Mart: No surprise - As a former Michigan resident I agree, Meijer is a billion times better. Unfortunately, they are only regional.

Facebook: No surprise - Facebook is 10% useful and 90% voyeuristic. I, frankly, couldn't care less what your baby has done today. Nor do I care to see your vacation pictures.

MC, what software do you use that is not available on the Mac?

Apple: Seems everyone loves Apple these days but for us the price of PC's just makes more sense. We own no Apple products; our portable MP3 players are those little Sansa knockoffs, and we use an old desktop hooked up to our stereo system.

McDonalds: I like their Egg McMuffins but if I want a fast-food burger it will be from In N Out.

Amazon: We do a lot of our comparison shopping on the internet. Usually Amazon has the cheapest price but not always.

Dunkin Donuts: I don't drink coffee. Ten years ago I bet this would've been "Starbucks" but times and consumer habits have changed.

Southwest: Reasonable, no-frills fares and friendly staff. One of the best airlines out there.

AT&T: Haven't dealt with AT&T in years. We use Vonage and a pay-as-you-go cell phone.

Wells Fargo: I am partial to credit unions. I've never had a friend say anything good about WF. Lots of complaints though.

Hyundai: They have/had a great warranty according to their commercials. But we buy used anyway, and we drive a Honda. (Not offended by the previous commenter. I agree: they are boring, but reliable.)

Wal-Mart: I don't shop here usually. There isn't one near our house.

Facebook: If used in moderation it is a great way to keep up with distant or busy friends. But it can be a major time suck if you let it. I'm not surprised it's on the list though, everyone I know has an account.

•Apple – too expensive
•McDonald's – too unhealthy
•Dunkin Donuts – make my own coffee
•AT&T – really?
•Wells Fargo – prefer credit unions
•Hyundai – since when?
•Wal-Mart – so far can’t beat their prices on general household stuff and groceries. Hate their check-out lines. Also they can’t keep up with re-stocking.
•Facebook – it’s ok with moderation, otherwise can be huge waist of time.

Apple--Love their mobile products (iPad, iPods, and iPhones) but their laptops are way overpriced.

AT&T--I gave up my iPhone to go back to Verizon because AT&T's coverage was so bad! I'll go back to the iPhone eventually when I'm eligible for an upgrade, because I loved that phone, but AT&T will never get me back.

Wells Fargo--Banked with them and paid their (outrageous) banking fees for a long time until a friend turned me on to credit unions. I'm never going back to a bank again if I can help it.

Hyundai--I bought a new 2005 Tucson back in Nov., 2004. It's got about 85,000 on it now, and aside from routine maintenance (brakes, tires, oil changes, etc.), it has NEVER been in the shop! Their 10 year/100,000 mile warranty was a big selling point for me originally, but the quality of their product in the long haul has convinced me my next car will be a Hyundai as well.

As Sarah said the list is the brands with the strongest brand loyalty. So its not exactly the most popular but the brands that have the strongest customer dedication. The most popular brand and the brand with the strongest customer loyalty might be the same but aren't necessarily.

Given what they're measuring, nothing on the list surprises me really. All the brands are pretty big brands that I can see having a loyal following. I'm a loyal Amazon customer myself. Apple and Southwest stick out as definitely having dedicated fans. Apple fans (as a group) border on being irrationally in love with that brand. My experiences with AT&T and Wells Fargo have been generally positive. Walmart clearly has many loyal customers.

I like McDonalds. If I get a fast food burger its McDonalds more often than anywhere. They have the best fries and I like their filet o' fish sandwiches as well as the burgers.

Apple-A big fan. I follow Macintosh news on several sites. Enjoying my latest Steve Jobs product, an iPod Touch.
McDonald's-Hadn't gone there for years but then just the other day dropped in for a McCafe' mocha.
Amazon-A big fan. Have my wish list laid out there. Excited about the new Digital Cloud that was announced today.
Dunkin Donuts-Not interested.
Southwest-Haven't flown in years. Besides, they are not in our area.
AT&T-Don't use them.
Wells Fargo-Happy with my regional bank.
Hyundai-If I were a millionaire, I would consider buying a new car from them.
Wal-Mart-Won't shop there anymore. But can't convince my wife to stop going there.
Facebook-Use it but agreed that the company keeps shooting itself in the foot.

Dunkin Donuts has delicious coffee, and when I'm out and about and want something like that, that's where I'd go, if they were in my area. I end up Starbucks instead, because they're in my area, but I always end up with a latte because I don't like their brewed coffee.

DD also has good breakfast sandwiches, if you don't feel like stopping at Mickey D's on your next road trip.

I love Apple products. My PowerMacG4 has been going strong for 9 years but I'm in the market for a newer model. Can't decided between iMac, laptop, or desktop.

Sure, Macs cost more but you get a better product. The tech specs are very close between Mac/PC since Mac went Intel. What you are paying extra for is the Apple "ecosystem" and a virtually virus-free environment (I've not had a single virus in 16 years of using Macs). The elegance and simplicity of the Mac cannot be understated. Software compatibility is a non-issue unless you are a hard-core gamer.

Not sure why some one was offended at the "steep price" of the iPad data plan, it's all of $15/$25 per month. Or you can get the Wifi version with no data plan.

WellsFargo - great brokerage! 100 free trades per year per account, that just cannot be beat. I don't trade that much but not having to pay for a single trade is great. No issues with my mortgage or checking account there as well.

I like my used Toyota 4Runner. I also loved my Pontiac Trans-Am that I had for 13 years. I find recent models of Toyota/Honda sedans to be pretty boring. My wife has a '98 Honda Civic that gets great gas mileage but it is plagued by oil leaks.

The soft-serve cones and sundaes at McD's are a great treat.

I've been on ATT for 6 years. No real issues though I rarely ever have to call customer service.

Hyundai has come a long, long way. Recently bought a Hyundai Genesis 4.8L car, it is amazing. Excellent build quality, extremely quiet, and it is stacked to the gills with quality tech, including a great navigation system, top-of-the-line Levinson audio, heated/cooled seats, back-up camera, memory sytems, Bluetooth, etc. etc.

I was really shocked when I saw the Genesis, as well as the other Hyundai cars, they are as nice as Lexus and Toyota, yet many thousands less, and it's true, a 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Yes, I know there is a stigma with the Hyundai of old because of their bad cheap cars. But if you are in the market, check them out, they've done an enormous turnaround and are really focused on quality.

Apple-Don't like the lack of flexibility of their software->it's the way they like it or nothing. But I'm a geek and willing to do more of the nitty gritty stuff. And I do love my iPod Touch.

McDonald's-Reminds me of my childhood (not that we went there often, just was a treat when we did), so I still like to get a Big Mac now and again, but I recognize it's not the greatest food in the world.

Amazon-So/so. Their Super Saver shipping is kind of annoying sometimes (i know, beggars can't be choosers). They seem like they intentionally delay stuff just so you think about paying next time. But, often great prices and I love that they have enough users that you often get the most informative reviews there.

Dunkin Donuts-Not too many of them in MN and don't drink coffee anyway.

Southwest-Only flown them once, but wasn't really that impressed. I like our local low-fare carrier (Sun Country) better.

Wells Fargo-Don't know why I'd use a bank when almost everything at my CU is better.

Hyundai-Almost every car I buy annoys me in some way, so nothing would surprise me here.

AT&T-All I here is complaining about them. I'm very worried about losing my long-time T-mobile account to them.

Wal-Mart-Pass. Target is nearly the same price and much nicer shopping experience. (It's funny that nearly all of these are the low-price option except apple and at&t)

Facebook-Like it just for the simple fact that nearly everyone my age is on it. Don't like a lot about it, but if I want to find someone there's a good chance they are on it. If you want to ignore it for a while, you can. No big deal.

Don't know anything about Apple. I have enough trouble with my PC (all my fault) and don't want to learn new stuff to mess with my head.

McD's is great for me. But I also vary with BK, Wendy's, Hardy's, etc. There aren't many foods I don't love and I don't eat them enough to get unhealthy from them.

Amazon - I buy lots of books and DVD's from them and have had excellent service.

Dunkin Donuts - Don't eat at sweets places that often.

Southwest - I love their senior rates. They are a tad higher than other companies, but you don't have to pay $100-150 if you need to change your flight. They realize that seniors may have to change at the drop of a hat due to illness, yours or family's.

AT&T - my cell is on my daughter's plan and I have good reception. All I want from a cell.

Don't use any big banks - just a local one. It was once a S&L and I worked there for 13 years. I know they are extremely conservative and careful with your money.

Hyundai - I may look at one when I need another car. I only buy used ones and only if I have enough on hand to pay cash.

Walmart - my idea of the perfect store. I can find most anything I need and all I have shopped at have been well stocked, clean, courteous and helpful. My brother says it is probably because I live in MO (part of the great midwest)and we still have a work ethic. I shop at 6 or 7 ones in my area and have stopped often as I travel.

My daughter finally talked me into signing onto Facebook. I don't really care for it. But it is a way to keep in touch and I may use it that way someday. Right now I check it once a week or so.

I'm a computer geek so I'm comfortable in any environment (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc). But Mac is without a doubt the easiest to use. There are very few things that don't "just work". I used Windows all my life until last fall and it took me less than 3 days to "learn Mac OS X.

My MacBook Pro was expensive and I could have got a similarly powered Dell or HP for cheaper. But you do get certain extras when you buy Mac. The keyboard lights up automatically in dark rooms. Necessary? No. Nice touch? Definitely. The battery life is a minimum of 4 hours with wifi on. That's huge when you're on campus in class all day.

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