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March 22, 2011


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I just got two very good un-advertised job offers last week because of a few technical blog posts I made about 6 months ago.

Kind of refreshing to be able to turn down offers and hear "please contact us when your current contracts end".

FWIW, I emailed just over 100 resumes between January 2008 and March 2008 and got a great job through that process so it definitely is possible.

Applying was a full time job. 100 resumes might not sound like much for 3 months but I was selective who I applied to, and about 95% of my resumes and cover letters were customized for the specific job opening.

@Mike - Do you have your own blog that you post on, or was it an article that you wrote for someone else?

Its true that being willing to move is useful-but in this era of two income households, it can be very tricky to manage with a family, unless one or the other spouse is clearly the 'primary breadwinner'.

@TR - I have my own website/blog. I just post about whatever projects I'm working on including programming, woodworking, gardening, home repairs, etc. -- it's really more of a web playground for me than a professional blog.

Two of my programming articles apparently rank high on Google for a niche topic since I get a pretty solid stream of people searching for info on it.

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