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April 21, 2011


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Watch your mailbox. I just signed up with a $200 bonus about a month ago and still occasionally get an offer for $200.

I'm already with Chase Freedom. Can I still qualify somehow? When I got my card, if I waited until I had $200 credit before withdrawing, I would get an extra $50. Boy, did I wait.

After being deep in cc debt for about 15 years, I now have 2 cc's that I pay off monthly. I have never paid them a cent and they have paid me over $2k. Wow!!!

The Chase Freedom is a great card! It has been what I've used for all of my general purchases for several years now.

@ Georgia - Unfortunately, if you already have the card, you can't take advantage of the offer.

When I go to the rewards, I don't see any extra bonus on the 200 credit. How do I find it?

Thanks for the heads up. I was toying with the idea of signing up when the bonus was $100, but getting a $150 bonus pushed me to do it. The old Charles Schwab 2% is my main card, but the Chase Freedom seems like a good supplement to that. Love the blog.

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